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Crappy wheelie squad

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Wypuk, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Hey jsut wondering if there's any intrested people in gettin together and perfecting their crappy wheelies

    250 riders are prefered koz most of us still dont have the power to do powerwheelies
    this is just a thought so plz give me your feedback koz id love to learn and meet fellow netriders. cheers
  2. Hope you like your nuts doing it on a 250 :p
  3. Can I suggest if you do end up meeting up with a bunch of guys to work on this stuff that you keep all details of the meet way offline?

    Never publish the location if you're planning to do something naughty there.
  4. I'd be interested in this, although I think a 100kg bloke trying to do a wheelie on a 250 might be a bit of a no-cigar effort!

    But yeah, I'd appreciate a PM sent my way if this happens :)
  5. Since you're almost set.

    Then there is no truth to the saying:

    Trying to wheelie on a 250 is a piece of crap!!!
  6. imho... just do your apprenticeship, sell that 250 for something big and cheap, then go sick. i'm not saying 250s can't wheelie, they definitely can. but the technique to get a 250 up is much harder than say a 600... you will struggle to learn the basics of clutch, throttle and brake control when you also have to throw it suspension bounce and body weight shift.
  7. my old TZR used to pop a nice wheelie. from standing start i could keep it up, from rolling start could only excellerate and pop up the front for a bit. still got some heads turning in the main drag of town ^.^

    ningningning! man i miss that thing.
  8. I'd be keen on it, but i might 'join' the 'squad' in a few months eh, seeing as 2 weeks from now will be the first time i've ever ridden :p
  9. yeah those bike are a little easier because they are light and you can pull up on the handle bars. I remember my balius i had to rev the tits of it and pop the clutch but then had to pop it right in the power band. Although my first big one the tank wacked me in the face, didnt expect it to get so high. Friends were awe struck.
  10. I've been meaning to get some crappie wheelie practice, let me know if u guys go out
  11. on the zx9? lean back a little and hit the throttle ;)

    I'm sure you guys were planning to do this on private property of course...
  12. yeah, i've done them a few times.
    It's just as soon as the front goes up i shat myself and i put it straight back down again :oops:
    Just need more practice
  13. I'm keen to come and practice.
    Even my girlfriend says I suck at wheelies..... :cry: :oops:
  14. lol did you try to impress her, but she just laughed at you?
  15. lol i remeber seeing a clip form tthe UK
    with this CBR250rr doing wheelies left right and centre
    and rolling stoppies
    was pretty amazing stuff
  16. Don't be so hard on yourself Daz, you were doing some good wheelies the night of the World Cup opening ceremony when we were going to Moorabbin... :cool:
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    Got this in my youtube favourites... guy on a CBR250RR doing wheelies and stuff [media=youtube]TCy57aixuNI[/media] shows a good reason to where boots :wink:
  18. #19 The Jabbo, Jul 11, 2006
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    HOLY SNAPPING DUCK SHIT! hes shaking it round! what a madarse!

    im speechless, absolutely speechless!
  19. spend $15 to buy a new front sprocket with 2 or 3 teeth less than stock and you should have a stunting demon.

    A CBR / ZXR / FZR250 with that simple mod should have no trouble popping power wheelies.