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Crap wheelies on the Suzuki Across

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Loz, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. So in the absence of my beloved Hornet 900 (hub destroyed by rear wheel bearing destroyed by hacked up chain and too many crap wheelies, it would seem), dear Cheng has consented against her better instincts to let me commute on her Across.

    I've just about had it with this 250cc caper, I can tell you. Brakes, suspension, chassis and of course the engine feel piss weak. Not that I'm complaining, mind!

    But in the spirit of solidarity with my quarter-litre bound brothers (and because I was abused mercilessly by a little kid when I went to take off without giving him a mono last night - oh, the shame), I thought I'd see if I could wheelie the thing. And the answer is YES, in a very crap manner, but definately.

    The technique is somewhat simpler to explain than on a bigger bike:

    1) Crawl along at walking/jogging pace in first gear
    2) Pull in clutch all the way
    3) Hold in clutch for as long as it takes to crank the throttle all the way around to the stop and hold it there
    4) Dump clutch
    5) Crap wheelie!

    I've got it consistently coming up a foot or two.

    I can also happily confirm that crap wheelies are much less frightening on a wee bike than on a larger one. On the Hornet I'm fearing for my life, as a bit of extra twist has it shooting up and threatening to act as an ejector seat. On the Across it's more like "Awwwwwww, ooo did a widdoo wheewieee... How cute!"

    Now, as I have destroyed vital parts of my own bike in the pursuit of crap wheelies, I feel it is prudent to stop this nonsense on Cheng's bike. But all you 2fiddy riders out there, youuuu can dooo ittttt!

    Crap wheelie-man, over and out.
  2. If an Across can do crap wheelies then maybe I can get it up on my Spada.......the front wheel that is :)
  3. Solidarity, brother.
    (thumps chest twice, extends fist)
  4. i've seen it done before, and done rather well for a twofiddy. the torque of the v-twin comes in handy ;)
  5. So I was thinking - now that we know the Across can be wheelied and used for knee-down cornering, what's next?

    Has anyone successfully stoppied a handbag? What about backing them into corners?
  6. It can pretty much do it all and more :LOL:

    I still think the compartment rocks...I can store my camera, mp3 player, a drink and a lot of other random crap.

    Another good reason to post up another pic of my baby:

  7. Have YOU? Have you seen it?
  8. No and No...doesn't mean it can't be done...you should try.
  9. The fact that my dad did a crap wheelie on my brother's Yamaha Jog 50cc scooter has given me hope that I can manage one on my cb250.
  10. I've been kind of sneaking up on stoppies, but the brakes just feel so flimsy... Not to mention those toothpick forks, I think perhaps somebody half my weight should be trying this.
  11. Two mates who have Show and Go 50cc scoots can hold wheelies (up slight hills) for 70-100 metres. Pretty funny to watch. Especially when they come off the back :)
  12. Stoppies, no dramas on the Across. I managed a couple of small ones in my licence test!
    I didn't get the knee down in the turn though in the test. Not sure how that would have been scored...
  13. It took you this long to realise that the Across can do wheelies :shock:

    Mind you when I did mine it definitely wasn't deliberate

    Note to self for future do not attempt while trying to do a right hand turn.
  14. Jeeze, I've only been riding it since Tuesday... Didn't even occur to me that it would be a great big wheeliedaddy. Which it isn't. But you know what I mean.
  15. Has anyone tried to wheelie a cruiser. ( in Private of course as it wouldn't be in the cruisers image :wink: )

    I am just interested because it should have plenty of torque ( for a 250) being a V twin.
  16. Well there is..... this...
  17. Your looking at a 250 cruiser?

    Keep dreaming :LOL:

    The longer wheelbase and extra weight make it an impossible dream on a 250 cruiser or pretty much any cruiser.

    I quite like 250 cruisers actually, and of course all 250 4-strokes are crap stunt bikes anyway, so don't be put off

    Incidentally, regarding stoppies, I had a friend who does em all the time on his CBR250. Always scares me when the rear end comes down, the swing arm slams down so damn hard, I worry the whole things going to fall to bits :p
  18. in that case vtr250s/Spadas should be pretty good too
  19. No.

    It's still a 250. They're all crap.

    Torque isn't everything. I've read that Buells have the highest torque to weight ratio in their class (V-twin 1000cc sports), but they're meant to be pretty average at wheelies. The front disc is incredibly powerfull though, so accidental stoppies are a problem, let alone deliberate ones.