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Crap wheelies and the gpx...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sir_b, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Hi all, wondering if I can get advice.

    With all the talk on the forum lately about wheelies, I decided to give it a go. Fun fun fun :)

    Maybe I'm pushing sh!t uphill doing wheelies on a 250cc gpx, but I'm getting the front wheel up a decent height but can't seem to keep it up.

    Here's what I'm doing:

    Get to 20/30kph.
    Clutch in.
    Rev to ~12k rpm, dump clutch, twist throttle, and hold on.

    The wheel is coming up (according to a mate) a couple of feet off the ground on a good crap wheelie, but immediately after it reaches max height it falls straight down. Considering that I'm dumping at close to redline to get it up that high, and going pretty much full throttle (as best I can while trying to hold on) I'm not sure what I can do to improve it? Should I just keep practicing until I get it smoother and try to lean back more or whatever (hard to do without feeling like I'm going to get bucked off) or am I doing as well as can be expected on such a bike?

    Thanks guys,
  2. I found that bouncing the front seems to help a fair bit.

    As in, lean forward abit, bounce the front end so the forks compress, then as you catch the rebound open it up full tap, or even possibly use the clutch.

    Im still too scared to lean back heaps to pop it up too.
  3. I've tried to bounce it up without the clutch but there just isn't enough power (or I just suck). I've only been riding for about 10 weeks, so timing the bounce with the clutch up while still being able to hang on doesn't sound all that easy :)

    I don't think it would help me anyway, I'm getting the front wheel up a reasonable amount, I'm not looking for balance point right now, I just want to be able to keep it up for longer. Maybe leaning back is the answer, but I'm wondering if keeping a foot on the rear peg would help or if there are any other tricks.

    Thanks for your response though!

  4. Hehe sorry i cant help more.

    Ive been riding for about teh same time. But i knew id start getting annoyed at lack of power so i stretched a bit further and went for an RS250.

    Anyway, i think youre right, the only thing that you havent done is move youre weight back (significantly). I would take it gradually though, donno bout the other guys but i still hold the fear of going right over when i pop it up so im still hesitant to lean back too far.

    Cheers, Ivan
  5. try it a bit slower, 20 kph max on the GPX, redline, and feather it up. i know that gpx does it..... dont ask me how tho, ask me no questions i'll tell you no lies :LOL:

    i've seen a 12bar being used on a gpx, its VERY possible to do decent wheelies on them, you just gotta get it right.
  6. you will get it up , but havent got the grunt to keep it up unless you get all the way to the balance point .
  7. Next time I'm on the private road I frequent I'll give it a go :)

    What's a 12bar?

  8. Hmm, that's a problem Glen, I'm way too chicken to go balance point right now :)

  9. bar that scrapes on the back of the stunt bikes to stop them going past 12 oclock ( vertical)
    and ripping out your arse end
  10. I have a video of a gpx doing a mono over about 30 meters. he finishes by scraping the number plate and then setting it back down. He does it by simply standing up, Revving it up and releasing the clutch. He then holds it on the balance point.

    The file is only about 1mb so if you want it PM me your e-mail address and i will send it to you!!
  11. I find that if you sit back further in the seat the front comes up a lot easier.
  12. I can wheelie my 95' CB250 - you can wheelie a gpx ;)
  13. I think it's a matter of starting slower, believe it or not - or you'll run out of power.

    Viva la crap wheelie!
  14. Theres one very important ingredient you are missing mate,and thats a bike with a decent amount of power :wink: Wait till ya get a bigger or more gruntier bike and its a piece of piss to do them 8)
  15. Thanks for all the replies guys.
    Gixxer: I've got 12 months before I get my next bike, too long to be wheelie-less ;)

    Josh: Thanks, PM sent.

  16. lol fair call mate,the more practice you get in now the easier they'll be when ya step up anyway 8) good stuff mate :wink:
  17. Firstly for a gpx 250 your doing great!! Your learning the clutch technique which will make you a much better and safer, wheelie person. Once you get a big bike they will be like second nature so stick with the practice. Now there is one thing you can do that will be a huge help with your current set up and that's the change at least your rear sprocket if not your front and rear. I would get a rear sprocket with about 4 more teeth then stock and put on a front with 1-2 less teeth. This should be cheap on a gpx and the difference will be huge. You will of course lose some top end but not too much..if your not into pinging it full throttle on country roads you wont even notice the loss but you will feel the jump in power during normal day to day commuting.

    Keep us update with progress and if you ever want to come out and watch a practice session and get some tips...send me a PM mate.
  18. Hey Pros.. I gotta FZR1, weighs a frekin ton... no just kiddin.. 240ks full tank.... and I have tried to gut it on the first as some websites said. "Big boys will loose the tar at 5-7k revs and will keep rising - so careful not to scrape your ass".

    The front leaves the ground at about 5-6k revs on first but then comes back as if it were never up. I have even tried the Clutch way and the bike won't budge, it just jerks as I release and then just takes off.

    Any wise ideas? Thanks in advance... No blames for wild suggestions. ;P
  19. More throttle, more clutch!

    And f'kn hang on.
  20. Thanks Padros, I've been considering doing the sprockets. Testing on private roads has shown that my bike won't even pull out 5th gear, so I shouldn't lose top speed, but it would make cruising at 100 a little rougher (already does ~7k at 100).

    The practice session sounds fun, let me know when you're next out :)