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Crap! Urgent help please!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by conspiracytheorist, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Hey all, I was putting new oil and filter in this morning and when putting the drain plug back in, it must have been at a strange angle (despite playing with it for a minute or two to make sure it was), so when I screwed it in, it stripped some shit on the plug (and I guess maybe inside the wall of the chamber part).

    What can I do?? Need my bike for commuting so this is really frustrating when I have work tonight and uni tomorrow!

    Thanks, Jared.
  2. Get it to a real mechanic
  3. Sh :shock: it Jared
    Call someone, maybe a mechanic would ask you to bring it in, maybe give you another bike for the day..
    you mean OFF the plug into the chamber?
    If so, you'll need to drain the oil, hope that the shit will come off with the oil and put it back in...good luck dude :cry:
  4. dude. i hope you didnt strip your sump...

    if this is the case, there will be a slow leak. and if the plug isnt securely in place, you run the risk of this plug shooting out abd going all over your rear tyre while your riding.

    there's two ways of getting around a stripped sump; get a new one (expensive option), or get someone to re-thread it (and use a bigger sump plug)
  5. if metal shavings have gone back into the sump, i wouldnt worry about it. the filter will pick these metal parts up.
  6. The plug that you use to drain the oil out, thats the plug that got messed up. Heres a pic


    Its on the bottom of the bike, so the shavings were just falling out, not going up into the engine.. I was in the process of draining the oil (I'd just finished draining and was putting the plugs back in to put new oil in).

    Sounds like it could be really bad! :(
  7. just tap a new thread. surely someone on netrider up there has a tap you can borrow for 30mins or so....if not call around a few workshops...and see if they can do it.....
  8. dude; the plug's been stripped.

    you sould be able to get away with replaceing the plug itself (and make sure you get a crush washer). I dont think that plug went in on an angle; the stripping occurs pretty deep into the threading.

    did you by chance, over tighten the plug (ie the bolt)?
  9. sorry for the double post; i have a feeling the metal shavings are from the sump itself.

    the sump is softer than the bolt.
  10. I might have overtightened it.. but it mustn't need to be very tight at all.. Bugger. I'll get another bolt and see how that goes in.
  11. You might want to double check this, but some plumbing tape might do the trick.

    Its not like theres pressure in the sump, so its just a matter of stopping a leak.

    It depends how badly you stripped the plug, and if you put a rubber washer on the plug you wont get leaks!

    As long as the plug stays screwed in, and doesnt pull out, or unscrew too easily, i think you'll be fine.
  12. i personally wouldnt use plumbing tape. have you ever touched your sump after riding for a short period of time?

    as for the pressure.. i'm pretty sure the entire lubrication system is under pressure
  13. Jared mate, i did the same thing with my girlfriends bike, i was trying to screw it into the wrong hole :oops:

    it'll hold oil stripped like that, i've done about 400kms on her bike with no problems! (note to self - GET A NEW BOLT)
  14. Didnt see you post the pic buddy, we have some super fast posters here :grin:

    Looking at the pic, I would just screw it back in, or if you feel you need to do something more - get a nut with the same thread (make sure its exactly the same, screws on nice and easily upto the point where its been stripped) and force it on with a spanner.

    Do this until you rethread it, it will be fine!

    Other option is.. get a new bolt.

    I personally wouldnt bother - its not like theres chunks of the bolt missing.
  15. When I try to screw it in it doesn't go in properly, well I'm pretty sure its not.. Not very much tension when tightening it.
  16. I'm betting you've done more damage to the sump then you have to the plug.

    replace the plug.

    As for the sump there are a few options.

    1. Run a tap through the same size and hope it cleans it up enough to seal with the new sump plug.
    2. Helicoil.
    3. Tap bigger. You will need a different sump plug obviously.
    4. Step 1 plus liquid metal thread stuff. I forget what it's call, but the surface of the thread will need to be really clean, so you'll need to get all the oil out and then clean it right up with kero etc. You can get this stuff at Repco etc.
  17. Thanks ibast, I'll look into those options.
  18. Just a quick note to those who think it will be okay with half stripped or bodged sump plugs


    I talk from experience here i hope nobody else has the delight in losing a sump pluk on the black spur like i did many many moons ago as the plug ejects it coats your rear tyre in hot lovely oil and as you head into that bend with the rear tyre trying to catch your front belive me it aint worth it
  19. OK so I took it to freedom in brooky, they had a look at the plug and said that there was alloy on it or something, so I must have also stripped some of the inside.. They recommended taking it to an engineering place down the road who could helicoil it for me..

    Pain in the ass, I'll have to somehow get it there :(
  20. Yep. You've most likely cross-threadded it and stuffed both the threads. A tap and a new bolt will see you through. (like many have already suggested)

    Next time, do the bolt up with your fingers and use a spanner to sinch it up after that.

    We'll at least you'll never make that mistake again. :p