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Crap...no brap...5 days..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. casually talking with the brother in law just before....looked at my license...I HAVE UNTIL THE 10TH TO GET MY P'S OR get stuck with L's again....frustrating is an understatement....yes - i know i'll get a bunch of you pissing and moaning about it's my fault for not paying attention blah blah...DO NOT CARE ! mods...flame me whatever ...cbf searching...it wouldn't be the first time someone on here's started a thread without doing so

    need a checklist of everything i'll be tested on in the p's test - gonna try n me mate to crash course me tonight/tomorrow and i'm gonna call to see if i can book a test before the tenth and pray like **** i pass

  2. just do the all day course at HART and you will pass no problems at all buddy, they pretty much just teach you how to pass if you have been riding for a year im sure your able to do most of the things in the test to a reasonable level of competency.
  3. Pfft, if it's anything as easy as the Vic one, you'll p15s it in. Ours is easier than the L test.
  4. You want to book a P's course for the next 10 days?
    I'd be surprised if you get a spot this late, but I guess it IS getting colder atm...
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  6. *nods* there's 1 spot at clyde on thursday n a few on friday ...just gotta pull money outta my ass for it now
  7. I booked my P's test yesterday and the lady said I could do it 2 days from that date if I felt like it. ie book on Monday, test on Wednesday. I chose to do it on Friday though.
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    They let you practice stuff like what will be in the MOST just before setting up the real course. My instructor even made the examples super difficult to make sure the real thing would be easier. In the morning they tell you what to expect in the test and how points are accumulated.
  9. If you have a day free, hop on up to mudgee or the like, somewhere where they don't have the facilities to run the course. Get your p's there.
  10. they arnt that dumb mate they check your address...
  11. The day will probably be like this:

    A quick rehash of theory in a room
    Check bikes for road worthiness
    Morning practice session on the range - gradual variation, increasing difficulty, but using the skills for the test.
    Morning tea
    Road ride session - lots of laps of a route they've worked out, with a few stops to hammer key points like buffering. The instructor will follow each participant in turn to make sure they're safe and doing what was said
    More practice, doing the MOST elements but not on the 'official' test area. Usually set up harder in bits than he test will be
    A/noon tea
    The test.

    You'll get lots of practice. Don't forget head checks on the test, before you start on each of the four elements.

    Good luck!
  12. Good luck bud!

    Not whining, but saying when I was on my L's I was COUNTING DOWN until I could get my P's.
    I guess you had other more important things you had to attend to.
    I'm sure you'll be right, you have been riding since you got your L's tho', right?
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    If you pre-book what are they going to do? Turn you around? No, the workers are not the system they don't care where you are from. In fact, there its a ride report on these forums of exactly this, someone from Sydney riding couple hundred kays out west to get his p's because he couldn't be bothered doing the test.

  14. Yeah I've clocked up around 12 thousand k's since getting my license...out and about whenever possible even if it's just for commuting every now n then - and I knew I had to do it soon...but thought it was mid July area for some reason...not trying to avoid the test as I gotta learn/fine tune said skills needed at some point anyway
  15. Done....she's booked in for Friday at Clyde - now comes the shitting bricks and trying to tell myself to get off my ass and actually practice
  16. I found an empty car park and set up some rocks at roughly the required gaps and practiced weaving through them. It's not as easy as it looks the first time!

    Also practiced u-turns until I couldn't get them any tighter

    And emergency braking, be comfortable jumping on the brakes (from 20-30km/h).

    An hour or two of that one afternoon and you'll be well prepared!
  17. Good luck, you'll be fine with all that riding under your belt.

    I did mine at Clyde, for the road ride make sure you are paying attention, head checks even when moving between wheel tracks and buffering. Make sure you use enough pressure to make sure your brake light comes on when approaching hazards. Just listen to your instructor and do what they say.
  18. OHHHHH SHIT....i just realised something....my tail light doesn't work...but my brake light does...am i going to get boned here when they roadworthy the bike for the test?

    i've honestly no idea whats up with it...imagined it was just a broken globe...replaced the globe all sweet...then a week or so later i realised the tail light wasn't working
  19. You should be able to hire a bike off the course instructors if you are worried your bike will fail roadsworthy.