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"crap" Hayabusa vid - 225meg

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by wang chung, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Yeah about to say the same. Why on earth would you use such mega resolution for such pedestrian material? Would have been worth a 10mb download.
  2. and its an Eyeabusa to boot.........pass

    Cheers :cool:
  3. hahaha.. thanks for the word of warning guys!

  4. It does look like a nice stretch of road to ride, but I would have to agree with the others, it is a bit of a waste.
  5. Wha...what happened? My wife just nudged me and told me I drooling on the keyboard. How long was I out for?
  6. WAW -- what a waste
  7. They have this thing called broadband now
  8. Yeah, although thanks to Telstra, it is not as widely accessible as it should be.

    Anyway. I agree the video didn't feature anything exciting, but I didn't mind. *IF* it was compressed down to 10mb then it really would be a complete waste because there would be no joy in watching it whatsoever. But with a nice, clear picture it was ... well, nice. The guy is enjoying his bike, and good for him. Bonus points for getting that enjoyment without having to ride like an idiot!
  9. LOL with you there wang chung, though I must say, the download limits on the average plan (between $50-$80) are pitiful. Not that I have much sympathy as I upgraded recently :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Last I was aware, exceeding 100mph (160kph) in the USA was still a fairly serious speeding offence.

    Depends on your definition of "idiot".

    I have no personal problem with someone exceeding 160kph in a safe manner, but I think you may find that plenty of others will disagree.
  11. boring video, but thank god someone out there actually understands that highres video = teh win. more plz
  12. Yep,

    Thats why i posted it.

    I thought people would apprecieate it :LOL:
  13. Fair enough. My definition of "idiot" doesn't include legality or otherwise, because many laws are idiotic in the first place. In this context, "Idiot" to me is someone who is riding in a manner that puts others in danger, and in the distant second place, someone who puts themselves in danger - but I'm far less worried about that, because that is their own business.

    The guy in this video does not put anyone in danger. As far as I can see, he's actually riding in safe and fairly sedate manner, especially considering he's using one of the fastest road bikes the money can buy.
  14. Thanks to Philip Ruddock, I'm paying about twice the price for about 1/3 the speed of broadband I had in Canada. I'd probably have d/led it for a look if I was there, but here I can't be bothered waiting. One more kick square in the nuts for the Howard team in terms of what they've done to Australia.
  15. It's got nothing to do with legality, endangering or speeding... the guy is an idot for filming such a cr@p ride and posting the gargantuan video on the internet
  16. Well, well, well. I am happy to hear someone has the same view of what constitutes 'idiotic'. The "There's no such thing as safe speeding" campaign has unfortunately worked to some extent in that people have begun to believe that going 75 in a 70 zone somehow makes them idiotic hoons. Who says that once you hit *anything* over the speed limit you are being unsafe? It is as ridiculous as saying that going the speed limit in poor conditions is always safe.
  17. Lucky for me I am in the office :LOL: :LOL: Free broadband, yay!
  18. Don't think I'll bother, 512/128 might be broadband but 225mb would still cause an annoyingly long wait.