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Crap at stoppies...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Chef, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Had a mate share this little pearler with me, and every time I watch it I laugh harder so I thought I'd better share...


  2. hehe idiot wish i knew what the shielas saying
  3. LOL - classic. When things don't go according to plan ...

    Seen the one where you stand to the right of the bike, spin it up and do a kinda do-nut thing, pivoting on your heel and just holding the twist grip? ... Ever seen the throttle come off? ROTFL!!!
  4. It's a little bit of Youtube gold isn't i?

    I was wondering the same thing so I checked it...

    Zajebisty = F***
    F*** head
    F*** wit
    F*** it
    F*** for the sake of

    Someone right at the end sounds like they just say fuck......I think that sums it up. Damn i love that word.
  5. I can't stop watching that, it's fantastic. I made the wife watch it too, nearly wet herself.

    Top find Chef.
  6. Classic.
    Saw a guy do that at the GP. It was on grass and the bike went over him.
  7. thats so funny ive noticed you like that word im partial to the c word myself=D>
  8. HAhahahahaha - gold!!

    It obviously worked the first time though...

    ..when the tyre was nice and cold. Freakin' genius!
  9. I hope it hurt. ********.
  10. See now i want to see that, thank da Lord we have internet now.

    I wet myself, coupla times actually. 600, warm tyres.....don't try this at home :D

    Whenever I drop the 'C' bomb I get banned, which is bit of a cvnt really.
  11. I call bullshit. Rog 'never done a dumb thing' in his life has to have a little heart surely?
  12. It's gone Viral, Hell For Leather picked it up this morning.
  13. Ah gotta love da internets.....do something dumbass and be a celebrity for a day...chk chk boom!
  14. She actually said, "If only you could **** that good in bed"
  15. Hahahaha....i laughed I rolled I peed on the floor. If only girls had that sense of humour
  16. bahhahaa love it wtf goes through peoples heads sometimes.
  17. Chef, of course I've done dumb things, but nothing close to that.
  18. I hear that. He makes my dumb things look smart!!!
  19. mine too. He gets a smashed bike out of it too.
  20. hahaha great find!