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crank shaft / bearings

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by dgmeister, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. For any mechanics here, how insane is splitting the crank case?

    Mechanic said a bearing in the bottom end was gone.

    The bike is basically written off so i can't damage it more,
    i've got the shop manual, prepared to get greasy hands
    and buy some more tools.

    Is this a job that can be done in the garage?
  2. In the garage, no problem,

    Are you going to fix it, Get a Mechanic,

    or just look at whats inside, Go for it, 8 10 And 12 mm socket set, Phillips head screw driver,
    Pair of needle nose pliers is about all you will need, There are a couple of others, But you find that out when you come to them,

    Lots of little things and springs in there, Hahahahahha

    Enjoy, Good way to learn,
  3. yes i always wanted to learn how to fix bikes, all the internals like cam timing, clutch, crankcase etc.

    the mechanic said $3000 minimum (new top end and fix the bottom end)
    so the bike is basically a write-off

    I am going to try and fix it myself, and spend the money on a second hand road bike.
    at least if i f uck up, the bike is no worse off
  4. You can get an older bike for 2 to 3 grand,

    2002 Kwaka, ZR7 750 $2600-00 I just bought it. Registered,
  5. Sure you can get another engine for less than $3000
  6. How long till your Lams restriction is ended,

    Might be wiser to get a bigger bike, for that,

    Or buy a wrecked one, same as yours, and use that motor in yours, Wrecked bikes are worth bugger all.
  7. Yes it makes you think of many options!
    its just annoying that its in good nick apart from the engine, and a good trail bike.
    like i said, it is a good opportunity to learn a bit of wrenching!

    No more LAMS for this turkey

    supersport RR for me 600-1000!!!!!!! ;)

    (got a little dough)
  8. Seems like the crank and big end bearings are not your only problem.

    ie. there's no point in just replacing crank and / or big end bearings if the cylinder, piston and / or rings are damaged or worn beyond service limits and need replacing as well.
  9. no, i think i blew a valve too. have to send off the cylinder head
    put in new valves, re grind the seats.
    etc. i can have a look at the piston and shit too

    i understand all that top end stuff though, bottom end seems harder
    (need special tools)
  10. Sounds like a good learning project for you, if you've got nothing to lose, have a go, its good fun!
    Dont forget the mechanics diagnosis was a guess, you may open it up and find the real problem is simpler than you thought.