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Cranbourne lights this afternoon - cheers to the 2 bikers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Well there I was - splitted up to the lights at the intersection (Thompsons rd/Sth Gippy) and slotted in alongside some guy on a bigger bike - not sure what it was cos I was too busy watching another biker on a GSXR (thou??) split up behind us and 'park' alongside the other guy on bigger bike.

    Taking off from the lights is an awesome thing. Providing you don't get over the speed limit (80 in this case) the law can do nothing about it...no points can be lost...no licence in jeopardy... :grin: I LOVE leaving the traffic for dead behind me...I love the ones who floor it and try to stick with me - or try to catch up to me only to overtake me further on whilst I sit on the speed limit....and they don't.

    I've taken off from lights wtih guys/girls on bigger bikes and been able to stick wiht them because we're 'behaving' ourselves or whatever...and I've taken off from lights with others on 250's and beaten them :grin: :p

    So yeah this afternoon - about 4pm - I'm sitting there with two guys on bigger bikes and I give them a big smile...(forgetting I've got my tinted visor on ). :LOL:

    Anyway...lights are red...red...red....red....green and I go go go...and what the hell?! I am totally left for dead. My bike feels like it's towing a caravan...it's slow...really slow....really really slow...even though the traffic's way behind me, the two guys on bigger bikes pull away that freaking fast that I feel like I'm going at a snails pace.

    Holy shite those bikes moved. I didn't like my bike then. I wanted to toss it to the side in disgust...disappointment. :evil: :LOL:

    So yeah - cheers to the 2 guys at Cranbourne/Thompson rd intersection this afternoon. Wait till I'm on a bigger one guys ;) :p
  2. Oh Rosie, do it do it. It's something else. Takes your riding to a whole other level. Already I'm looking back at my VTR thinking did I really ride that thing for so long? If you're good on the VTR you will be SHIT HOT on something bigger. Go for it girl.
  3. I'll hopefully have an upgrade by the end of the year. :) I felt like I was riding a slug this afternoon - lol.
  4. Rosie .. are you still commuting daily to work from PI ??
    If so you are a bloody LEGEND Girl!

    PS: I tend to agree with donski1 , you have more than earned your wings
  5. Hi Rosie...I picked up my GSX750F today (ok...not the fastest bike in the world) ...but compared to the 2fiddy...worlds apart, come on...upgrade, you know you want to ! :p
  6. Re: Cranbourne lights this afternoon - cheers to the 2 biker

    Actually I'm not sure that's the case Rosie - isn't there an offense called "exhibition of acceleration" or something? Can anybody shed some light on this?
  7. they don't add more cc's to motors to make them look pretty :wink:
  8. Re: Cranbourne lights this afternoon - cheers to the 2 biker

    I've heard this also mate, but I think they can only nab you if you have caused the vehicle/ bike to lose traction in the process ?
  9. But they sure do look pretty don't they :twisted:

    Loz it wouldn't surprise me. I'm interested in hearing mor eon this too - not that I've any chances of breaking THAT law anytime soon - not going off today's effort (or lack of) :LOL:

    VCM - it's only 3 days a wk this semester. :)
  10. :woot: Congrats!!
  11. Not absolutely certain, but I'm pretty sure accelerating quickly is OK, so long as you don't surpass the speed limit. However, if you and another bike may take off quickly, it may be deemed as 'street racing' IMO. Again, not 100% sure but sounds logical. Then again, where's the logic in 75% of tickets being given these days?

    N.B. 75% figure not an exact statistic :p
  12. Re: Cranbourne lights this afternoon - cheers to the 2 biker

    When the hoon laws were being introduced there was a suggestion that it could apply to exhibition of speed which would've covered display of acceleration capabilities but I can't find anything to suggest that actually came to be in the ledgislation. The closest I could find is here...
    Drag racing up to the speed limit in order to see who reaches that limit first could be covered by this offense. I would guess the cops would have to have reason to believe that is what was happening. Bikes normally take off quickly for safety reasons, so proving intent to race would be difficult.

    Then again, it's our word against theirs.
  13. I think that it is another one of those things, that you young puppies have stuffed up for the rest of us.
  14. On behalf of the youth of today -

    Sorry man, my bad :LOL:
  15. Re: Cranbourne lights this afternoon - cheers to the 2 biker

    More like "Because they can" :LOL:
  16. The coppers in Cranbourne are going crazy on bikes at the moment. They don't like the fact that the CBR can accelerate to $1.65 in first gear from the lights :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Re: Cranbourne lights this afternoon - cheers to the 2 biker

    sorry, but you're mistaken.

    heard of these new hoon laws?

    if a member of the police force witnessed 3 bikes all taking off quick, he (or she) may consider it "street racing". you can, and this is FACT, be done under these new laws, have your bike impounded for 48hrs, and a nasty fine.

    unfair, yes!

    but it can, and DOES, happen. especially around the area you speak of.
  18. I'll keep that in mind next time I'm putting away from the lights. :LOL:
  19. I just live a near the subway in cranbourne an head to the city a few times a week an always seem to split up to the lights outside the maccas and thats were i always seem to spot bike cops.

    There usually heading away from the city and pulling a U turn.

    Be wary driving in cranbourne, the amount of tools in shit cars with a can of jim beam in one hand and a smoke in the other while driving poorily is terrible. There are also alot of fatties so watch you dont hit one crossing the road cos thats realy gonna hurt your bike.
  20. The answer to your problems lie in a letter and a number Rosie, and after selling yours,zero $ probably. B&6 Can you guess what they stand for? :LOL: