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Crafars embarassing off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Crafar, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Having read a few posts on crashing ,offs, dropping bikes, sliding down the road and the like I thought I would pen and share one of my more red faced offs.
    Its 2003 and my bro lives in Singleton and I was heading to his place for a weekend shin dig, it was July so still a little chilly on the willy when I got out of bed,so cold in fact that I couldnt be jacked taking off my Flano pjs and threw my jeans and jacket straight over them.

    Fire up the girl and give a wave to the cheese and kisses as I head out the drive making a bee line to Singleton via Windsor and Putty Rd.
    I tag on the back of a TL 1000 going the same way he seems to know the road well and I am happy enough smelling his pipe at a safe distance, its a pretty mellow ride so far as we climb up to the 1/2 way house, he pulls in and I carry on .
    5 km past the house theres some flashing lights and roadworkers remarking the centre lines and patching holes , tar and paint everywhere oh well keep going, keep clear of centre line I tell myself , heading in to the fun zone now and start to crank over the Millie, a nice hill climb and heading toward a hairpin ..ok look through the corner.. see exit... eyes level..roll on gas ..move ass over a little..hang on a little close to centre line ... sky...road.. sky..road..sky.. road... bikes riding me.. shit Im off WTF ! low sided .
    So there I am in the middle of road with my bike on my right leg stuck under the bike, as luck or bad luck would have it a MR2 car club had pulled over and was working on one of the cars on the side of the road, they run over and heave the gril off my leg..cheers.
    I start to dust myself off and notice my right knee is throbbing a little and hobble to the side of the road. A lady from the group comes over with 1st Aidkit shes a nurse and said "look take your jeans off and letts take a look your knee" ummm...ok......I say... now by this time everyones crowded around the poor hurt bike rider I take my jeans off and they spy my PJ,s are those PJs one of them asked ....um yes they are , I look at them with a feel sorry for me look on my face ,not a chance the smirks on thier face told it all I was sprung in public in my pjs.

    All patched up I head over to my poor broken girl not to bad lever ,blinker,bar end ,a bit of rash on pipe and fairings, only a million dollars worth could be worse, I thumb it and she fires up good girl.
    Mr TL 1000 comes around the corner and stops,you ok? yeah mate! looks me up and down and down again he sees my pjs through my torn jeans, I can make out a smile through his helmet, I was cold I yelled as he took off.
  2. If ever I lowside on a road like the Putty, I'll be quite pleased if the worst pain arises from people remarking on my fashion sense.
  3. Good yarn, mate, and yeah, the old Putty can get cold. That said, any crash in most places on the Putty that you can ride away from is not bad; it's a 'take no prisoners' road.

    I low-sided the Z500 in the Ten Mile in the pouring rain one night; took me 5 minutes to get it upright again, by which time I was sweating like mad from the exertion, but freezing cold from the rain :LOL:
  4. Hehehehe...

    At least you stayed warm.
  5. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahhahaaha PJ's!!!

    wait... that's ok... you're alive and survived, and probably wouldn't see any of those people again! so nothing to be embzressed about! nice one :)
  6. what's so bad about PJs? :LOL:
  7. +1
    I use PJ under my pants all through winter. Keeps my legs warm.
  8. Did you hit the white line? was there oil/gravel on the road? Or did the types let down?

    I'm just curious cause i'm paranoid at leaning over so it affects my riding....and how much fun i could be having.

    I can accept oil/gravel etc but leaning over and having bike slide away due to loss of traction from tyres scares me
  9. I'm always wearing my PJs or 'thermal leg warming devices' as I call them to keep my masculinity intact :p

    First off I had the PJs actually helped. Tore my pants a bit but the PJs held :D
  10. A big badass biker wearing skin tight thermals...

    mmmm what a thought !
  11. I'm waiting for Draggin' Jeans to release the Bananas In Pyjamas flanno riding pants with built in knee-sliders. I believe they'll have optional draw string or elastic tops and there'll be a matching jacket with a little pocket to keep your hankie in. Might see if I can get a vest to wear on the cruiser also.

    'Kevlar lined flannelette - state-of-the-art riders' pants"
  12. In regards to the off , I was close to the centre line doing around 30 kph it would of been a tyre width or two off the centre line bike was leant over a fair bit , there was some debris that had built up in the middle , it happened so quick I actually thought someone or something had hit me from the side , the people who helped me said the same thing one moment you were tracking then bam! on the deck.
    I wouldnt worry to much about the tyre letting go when cornering unless theyre cold, worn its wet or theres crap on your line had I picked a different line in to the corner say another 1/2 metre out from the centre I think I would of been sweet but alas this is when you learn the most, if you dont know where you went wrong then you cant fix it.
  13. I've worn PJ pants under dryriders a few times. Once even to head into work for an hour when I knew I would keep my dririders on. LOL
  14. That reminds me, i have blue pj's with bananas on 'em, hehehe.

    That being said, i need to get hold of a new pair of riding pants, the ones i've got are, ahem, a bit too tight now :oops:

  15. :LOL:
    I must get Tex to check out your attire at the next Dyno day :wink:
  16. hah, thanks caz
  17. my pjs almost look like normal out door fashion. i had to dart to the bank in a hurry in the pj bottoms. i dont remember how the conversation started but it ended with me telling d teller 'what do i care, im wearing pj bottoms. [i told him in the same way a woman would tell a man she's not wearing any undies.]

    ha ha. leather is the best to ride in