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Cracked Fairing

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Brento, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Soo I had a bit of an off a while back and it ended up cracking my fairing among other things, now when it happened (see pic) the crack was only cracked up to the "J" in Ninja, now its cracked across to the panel where my blinker is. Should I get this welded up or what's the best way to repair said crack?


  2. How much do you want to spend??? You can plastic weld it yourself & not worry about respraying or get some Qbond or Plastex which will do the same job. Prep it properly & apply & it will be stronger than the fairing itself. Or you can pay someone else to do the job with a respray if you want.

  3. Nah I don't care how it looks and i wanna spend as little as possible, im just worried about the crack haha.. My mate knows someone with a plastic welder but wouldn't i need a bit of scrap fairing to weld with? Think I might suss this qbond or plastex stuff anyways, thanks man!
  4. If you aren't worried about looks Q-Bond is about as cheap as it gets. Plastex may be cheaper actually but I have never had success with it. Probably me rather than the product.
  5. Yeah it's a lams bike im not bothered haha q-bond it is! I sussed a thread on google and it said pretty much take the fairing off put the powder in the crack, put the glue on it and done! Is this pretty much the easiest way? Id prefer not to take the fairings off but if it has to be done then its a good excuse to play around with the bike for a day.
  6. Ps. anyone know where to buy this in Sydney?
  7. Don't know Sydney shops but any auto paint supply place should have it. Repco down here also carry it on the shelf (I think).

    When you take the fairing off put tape on the outside of the crack to stop anything leaking through, grind out a "v" following the crack on the inside & finish off by making another groove at 90 degrees to the end. This will stop it spreading further. You can also put other 90 deg. grooves along the main crack to help hold it together.

    Make sure the place is ventilated too !!!! This stuff will let of fumes

  8. Think I got mine from Repco

    Try putting some masking tape on the outside, then sprinkle the powder from the inside if you canhopefully the tape will cause a resonably smooth finish.

    For info I did a Q Bond repair a couple years ago. Due to the crack being at a rib on the inside I had to powder from the outside and the result is a little rough. I then built up a fillet of epoxy resin on the inside rib. As I said it looks a tad rough ( although if you intended painiting it would sand up OK) but a couple of years on and its still holding