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Cracked Fairing - what to do

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Auscruiser, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Just noticed that the fairing on the right hand side has a crack directly under the RH Mirror - goes all the way from the outer edge to the screen. Dunno what has caused it - haven't hit anything :cry:

    What would be better / cheaper? Take the fairing off & get a plastic welder to repair it or bite the bullet and order a new one (Any idea of cost?)

    It's not causing any dramas - it even isn't that noticable - except to me.

    Ideas anyone?

  2. BTW, The bike is a Kawasaki ZZR250, as per my profile :)
  3. I have no idea how much a new fairing would cost, but taking it off and repairing would have be the better way... if you're handy at all you could probably do it yourself with a surfboard repair kit, some elbow grease and a litre of paint. That's what I would be doing.
  4. my bike has a crack on both sides, similar position to where you describe...

    i bought it like this... not an issue, but has been reinforced... coconuts will know... the inside of the fairing has been reinforced... the outside still sports the nice crack... but... from a distance no one can see...

    and from up close... pfft... it just looks tough! :)
  5. If the crack isn't too large, and it is in a place where other ZZR250's have had this problem then I would just get it plastic welded. That will almost certainly be cheaper than a new panel...
  6. Mate, This happended to my girl's old ZZR too, this is how we fixed it.

    1. Go to a bike shop and buy a "Plastex kit"
    2. Take your nose cone off and grove the inside of the plastic (Along the crack) with a drill,
    3. Tape up the painted side of the crack**.
    4. Pour in the plastex powder in the grove and add the solvent.

    **Tape it up well, you don't want any on your paint.

    It'll be solid in an hour. To add extra re-enforcement, you can also plastex down a bit of fibre glass sheet on the inside to spot it cracking under stress.

    Hope this helps and it's as easy as I've said :)
  7. check out stuff called plastex (http://www.plastex.net.au/ ). Works well on simple cracks. Can buy it at a few bike shops in Victoria, or you can order from their website. I have used it on a few cracks on my old bike and it works great!
  8. Looks like Plastex is the go. Might go for a ride and see if any of the local bike shops have any in stock.

    Thanks for the tips guys - always nice to know where to come for ideas.
  9. An even cheaper way than the pastix remedy and stonger, is plastic weld it yourself! Have a practice first though.

    1) go down to you local bike wreckers and ask for a couple of small bits of bike faring (any bit of bike fairing plastic will do.) If they want to charge you through it back in there face.

    2) cut the bits of fairing into cm thick strips with an angle grinder. then get an old soldering iron and where the crack is on the non painted side melt a grove into the crack ensuring you do not go too deep so it damages the paint on the other side.

    3) melt the strips of off cuts into the grooves and work into the surrounding plastic. Keep feeding the plastic till if fills the grove.

    4) grind of any excess plastic and paint inside if you like.

    5) get some black chip filler (its in a stick) and polishing it into any noticeable crack on the painted side. Then slap some wet coat polish over the top and your done.
  10. Your welcome.

    You should only need the small kit for what you want, it goes a long way.

    Nothing worse than a little annoying thing on your bike, like a small crack, that only you seem to notice ;)
  11. Another vote for Plastex-good stuff and quite easy to use. Stronger than plastic welding.