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cracked fairing and superglue

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by cameron, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. i recently stuck together a huge 10 inch crack on my zzr left fairing with superglue....was this entirely stupid? i mean it seems to be pretty strong, is plastic welding still a possiblity even though ive stuck the crack together with glue?

  2. if it is working, dont mess with it, but plastic welding, or a fibreglass patch underneath would have been better, as it remains flexible.
    after a period of time, the vibrations will more than likely cause the glue to let go. when this happens, i would get out a file, or some sanding paper and remove all the glue from the crack. this will take you back to a nice clean area that can be professionally plastic welded, patched underneath with fibreglass, welded by yourself with some cable ties and a soldering iron (or scap fairing pieces) or maybe using some plastex (get it from a motorcycle shop) would do the job.

    but, as i said, if its hanging on now.....unless it is prone to flying off if it lets go, i wouldnt worry at this stage :)