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VIC Crackdown to put more drivers in prison

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cejay, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/more-drivers-facing-criminal-charges-prison-20100808-11qen.html

    Now, I'm all for appropriate punishment. I can see the merit in custodial sentences for extremely poor driving and/or behaviour that results in death and significant injury, but this should not be an aim but the last resort. Lay almost seems pleased with the result.

    No Mr Lay, prosecuting people AFTER an event isn't 'Super Important'.

    I don't have the numbers, but I am sure someone will, but I was very much under the impression that most accidents and road deaths are not caused by people doing outrageous acts. They are normal people who, for one reason or another make a mistake, take their eyes off the road for a fraction of a second, make a poor decision or are ill equipped to deal with a situation that develops. They rarely go out with the intent to cause an accident that might result in injury or death and those that do should already be being dealt with under the existing system.

    But by focusing on other people, Mr Lay can convince us that we're not the problem, it's those other people, just like those silly hoons down in Dandenong who precipitated that legislation. Until of course it affects us.

    Whilst we have criminals who leave home with the intent to cause injury or death through their actions (robbery, theft or just the desire to cause hurt) currently escaping jail or facing minimal custodial sentences why the focus on jailing drivers/riders?

    By the way, what's it with this 'members' bullshit. It makes them sound like some exclusive club where they can more or less do what they please, rather than the public servants that they actually are.
  2. It's time for Ken Lay to go!!
  3. meh i got mixed feeling about it, i do agree some reckless type things need to be punished further, like the lady that hit 2 vehicles at the same intersection years apart (for not giving way), the other side of me is like well give lay enough rope and let him hang himself
  4. I can't see exactly how this is going to change anything. People who ride unlicenced and unregistered at high speeds will still do so. Just how is knowing that someone might offend in the future going to prevent this. Will they sit outside the homes of these possible future offenders 24x7 to see what they might do?

    Besides - they're using MUARC to do the research part... :-s

    Increasing penalties has never worked for anything. What reduces crime is the perception that there is a strong chance of being caught - which comes down to more visible cops on the road.

    If heavy penalties stopped crime, the Poms wouldn't have needed to send out the First Fleet. :)
  5. You make some good points ceejay.

    Sadly, driving is a difficult business and mistakes are made.

    I don't think jail is appropriate for a moment of inattentiveness.

    We all make mistakes out there and I don't think it's fair to jail those unlucky enough to make a genuine mistake that actually causes a crash. Especially when the huge majority of mistakes go unpunished.

    Disclosure...left wing, civil libertarian, do-gooder
  6. Different state but +1. That story alone makes me completely apathetic to the "road safety" message, especially when you combine it with the motorcyclist who went to jail for speeding ](*,)
  7. Whereas people who KILL motorcyclists with bad driving are given suspended sentences or found not guilty because they're blind in one eye ](*,)