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Crack casing leaking oil

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by GreenNinja, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. hey,

    Noticed some oil on my fairings today and found that there is a crack, it's about 2.5cm in length.

    Not sure what the parts called but its the top half of engine casing where the spark plugs connect to. (any one know what the parts called?)

    I put in extra engine oil to make sure it doesn't run out.

    *anyone know what caused this? (overheating?)
    *is it a serious problem (pressure loss?)
    *and can i simply just patch it up?
  2. I think you are refering to the cylinder "head".

    I think you can have them welded in some cases. Otherwise you need a new head.

    It can be caused by a number of things. Get it checked out by your mechanic.
  3. Hmm... the spark plugs sure do screw intot he head, but if there was a crack he could visibly identify as being 2.5 CM long, i think he'd have more problems than a bit of oil on the fairings...

    I mean the loss of compression, the compression of the oil system or the oil itself driven by the oil pump squirting out like blood in a bad horror flick also Is it water cooled? You'd probably see some water too...

    I mean it might be the head... but you'g be very lucky if it happened a nd you only dropped a little oil. Any chance of a pic of the crack on the engine so we can see where it is?

    Or just find a pic of a bike engine on the net and put a circle in the general area in paint or something.

  4. unlikely to lose oil through a cracked head that was visible externally.

    more likely a crack in the tappet/rocker cover that is seeping.

    i wouldnt put extra oil in, just make sure it is filled to the correct level on the dipstick.
  5. err dont know what bike ya have probaly baby ninja but

    r U talkin about the rocket cover pretty easy to pick up and replace

    If u find a brave and qualified enough welder they can weld aluminium magnessiem and a combination of funny alloys. Just hunt around wreckers and replace what ever
  6. My bikes a zxr250, not sure if its water kooled and i didn't add much oil (just a small amount).

    found out how to use a picture serving website, here's a pic:


    welding looks like a possibility, but can i also patch it up with somefing else?

    and it's a rocket cover i must likely I fink.
  7. yeah, looks like the rocker cover. You could probably fix it with a dab of liquid metal. It's a 2 part paste you mix together and it sets hard.. like metal. You would probably wanna do it off the bike though, in case some of it fell into the top of the head.
  8. +1 Liquide metal for this job, ask any bike or car accesory shop. Also i would make a grove along the crack with a dremel tool or cutting bit on a screw gun and then pour in the metal glue. And do this on the outside part just incase the glue comes of u houdnt want it falling into ur top end.

    Alternativly u should be able to pick a new one up for im guessing $50 bucks from a wrecker. Its a backyard job realy, take off the tank pul out spark cables unscrew rocket covrer, put on new one with sum rubber sealant and u will be right as rain.
  9. there is no ROCKETS!!!!! ](*,) :tantrum:

    all together...."rocker cover"

    :p :p :p
  10. It is unlikely that there is a crack in the rocker cover or head....unless it's been physically damaged.
    From the pic, usually oil leaks in this area are from a poorly fitting rocker cover gasket. Sometimes reseating and retensioning the rocker cover will fix it..other times a little silastic will help. And sometimes it just needs a new gasket.
    Have a closer look, the 2 semicircles are location lugs of the gasket, the gasket runs between the rocker cover and the head, and check to see where the oil is coming from.

    Don't use a liquid metal to stop the gasket leaking.
  11. It does look like a crack, and it looks like the metal has been distorted out from teh INDSIDE! I would be very concerned that something is going, or has gone astray in camchain land.
    The liquid metals, or any decent epoxy, will fix teh crack, just remember to degrease thoroughly, degrease some more, and sand off the oxide film just before applying wonder goop.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. if that crack is right on top of the chain guide (where the cam chain runs) take of cover and inspect the cam chain and while your're there do a valve lash.

    or take to a mechanic to do the above as if the cam chain is too streched or theres an issue with the tensioner it will probably happen again.
  13. The crack is on the right side of the bike (is that where the cam chain is located on a ZXR250?) also there are 2 cracks running parallel to each other (the larger crack is the one closest in the picture) and about 70mm apart. So I think it's the cam chain aswell.

    The oil was gushing out pretty much when i rode my bike again today (maybe because the chains momentum is forcing it out).

    I did decrease it pretty good and cleaned it with a soaked rag aswell but as for the sanding, didn't do it. Couldn't find any sand paper and hardware store was closed at the time. But it seems to have stopped the leak.

    I've got alot of expenses coming up, so i might not be able to do anything about for like a month or so. Should it be ok if i keep on riding? or will the cam chain eventually "break" through the ""rocker" cover?

    p.s. dame i thought a bike was less expensive to maintain than a car.....
  14. Rocker rocket u all now what im talkin about my english is how u say facked.

    codnt tell much from the photo but if something on the inside is causing it i would definatly wanna look inside it. Could cost ya big if somthing goes pop and flies to a diffrent part of the engine and b4 u now it ur seliingg your bik to the wrecker for 50 bucks

    Just take the cover of and have a look. Atleast take a photo and post it here someone will be ablt to tell ya whats wrong with it.
  15. Brought it into a bike mechanic and he said that a guy just brought in a bike with the same problem except the cam chain had actually "cut" a larger hole and his chain was about to snap.

    He quoted "low" $300 so anywhere from 300 - 340 (thats with me supplying my own coolant and oil).

    Price break down
    *chain $90
    *labour 3 to 4 hrs ($70 for an hr)

    But I'll shop around, u guyz think that this is a fair price?
  16. thats pretty much on the money :)
  17. mmt east st, granvile 50 bucks an hour for labour.
  18. Gave them a call they quoted me $500.

    Price breakdown
    *$100 for chain
    *5 hrs on labour (1 or 2 hrs longer then the first qoute)
    *oil and coolant (assuming)
  19. who did you take it to? a place in chipping norton?
  20. This was a place in liverpool.