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CR500E supermotard

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by ylwgtr, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Seems my 1st post has vanished...strange....anyway i have 2 of the road registered CR500E's and decided to make one into a dedicated road bike....first mod is an NSR250 MC28 Pro-arm

  2. I will be watching this thread!

    Ambitious start so far. :grin:
  3. I'll be watching too, motards kick ass :cool: . I wanna build a motard sometime in the near future.
  4. ok....so now we will fine tune the swingarm fitment by using this pretty cool scheibner laser chassis measuring system....we fit the device and make sure its riding in the centre

    then lie the machine down and zero the laser on the headstem centre
    you can see the screen on the laptop says its riding dead in the centre on the frame


  5. gxJF5h9.

    now we rotate the laser onto the rear wheel to see if its riding in the centre of the wheel....all is good


  6. Lasers - Is there anything they cant do? :cool:
  7. Can't wait to see this thing finished with the single sided swingarm. It's gonna rock. :wink:
  8. oh wait till you see what else i got in store ;)
  9. heres a pipe i made

    and after that...ive decided to make a stainless one
  10. That pipe looks like a HUGE amount of work!
  11. firstly, i'm pretty handy with a TIG, and i can safely say that pipe is a truck load of work. seriously, 10 points for effort.

    but more to the point, a cr500 on the road with tyres that grip, howleeeeeeeeey faaaaaaark it's going to be a monster.

    watching this thread for sure!
  12. God, those things are widowmakers. I'm still shaking from my 90 minutes on the KX500. You're a brave, brave man wanting to ride one on the road.

    Still, that's some pretty special work on the pipe, and fascinating to see a single swinger conversion done right with all the alignment gear.

    God speed, you f*cking maniac. When can we see it?
  13. This gonna be a beast :D
    I see from the pics you have the standard PJ carbi, i would really suggest an upgrade to the keihin PWK 39 carbi, fits straight in there with no mods and it will really improve throttle response. PWK would be much better for road use as well as it did for my cr500 motard.
  14. does anyone know if you can make one of theese road registerable if it wasn't from the factory

    i had the idea to do a killer kx or cr tard for a while and this has me re-insterested

  15. Thanks for the advice...however ive alreday got one there....amongst other things ;)
  16. Hi there...this bike is a registered bike from the factory
  17. Anything new on the project? I'm probably as excited about watching this project as you are building it.
  18. plenty ;) the CAD program is being written for our CNC mill to make billet triples clamps and lower forklegs/brake mounts to take a nice pair of Brembo mono block calipers



  19. Oooh, not holding back. :cool:

    What size discs? 240?

    Offset on clamps and fork leg bottoms?
  20. disc's are 276mm,not sure what your trying to ask me about the triples and the fork lowers?do you want to know the trail?