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cpu pins, 2 slightly bent, is it rooted?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cosi, May 18, 2006.

  1. ntntntntntnnttnntntntt


  2. should be fine, provided all that is damaged is the pins and that you can straighten them again without breaking them off or stuffing anything else...
  3. cool.. off to work i go

    because when i start the computer up nothing happens, power is to everything and hdd's spin up etc etc


    thx coco
  4. If it still goes into the socket and makes an electrical connection I would imagine it would be ok but then again testing that theory might end up with you loosing your motherboard too
  5. could be mobo... whats the cpu?
  6. i got an oem cpu when i built my new comp, 2 pins bent, eased them back, easedit into the cradle and all seems to be fine, harness the force and feel it in! gl
  7. she'll be right, i've bent an entire row b4 and bent them back and she worked ok...
  8. the pins seem to have straightened themselves out when i put it in, i cant see any bends anymore? :l

    any reason why it wont boot?>
  9. She should be right mate, just bend them back using a pair of tweezers..be gentle! and try not to touch the pins with your fingers (oil on skin can affect the conections)
  10. the lsit is endless, try replacing ram, if nothing, then try another cpu if you have access, if nothing works it is possibly the mother board, thing here is, you go looking for probs there gonna be there,

    will need more info opn system to be more help!

    cheers lachie
  11. If its not booting, find the little silver lithium battery on the motherboard, right found it? pull it out for about ten seconds, and put it back in, this resets the CMOS to factory defaults, try it, might work
  12. AMD Sempron 2600+ (SKT 754) + ASUS K8V-MX Motherboard
  13. still nothing :|

    did the battery thing

  14. Give us a bit of info, is this setup brandnew? as in just setting up? or is it an old one?
  15. its an upgrade

    my computer has been playing up so i got new ram and then a new hdd just the other week and its still locking up for the first 15 minutes when i start up the computer. after that its fine, so i got a new mb and cpu from ebay 2nd hand ;l~
  16. Id say its your ram that could be at fault, try using different sticks or in different slots.
  17. cool thanks cptn, ill have to find that other stick ive got laying around... where to start..
  18. cosi:

    are you sure you have connected everything correctly ie HDD data cable the wrong way around can cause exactly what you are describe.

    so anyways double check everything

    any beep codes?

    also try holding insert key when turning on.

    if none of this works reply back
  19. Do you get a bios screen? I mean does anything come up on the screen at all.

    With HD disconnected. In fact all you want is the board, cpu RAM and power supply plugged in. With that you should get a bios screen. If you dont then something major is wrong or just possibly a jumper is missing from the boars. It wont however be the bent pins. Iost count of the number of pins I have bent and I havnt killed a cpu that way yet. (Then again I havnt bent any on a P4 :)
  20. Define "Nothing Happens" and just for the hell of it provide as much description as possible with a mindset of us not actually sitting beside you or able to use telepathy to see what you are seeing and what buttons you are pushing in what order. Set the scene as it were and take us on the booting the computer journey.

    Otherwise I open the floor to those more telepathically inclinded than I.