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Cowes Caravan Park - GP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by cruisingal, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. We are booked in at the Cowes Caravan Park from Thursday to Monday ( :woot: ).

    We have stayed here probably about 8 times over the years and the facilities are good and always kept clean

    Are there any other Netriders staying here that we can meet up with?

  2. I think you will find a few netriders stay here for the Motogp. Have you got yourself a netrider top from the merch pages? That way people will recognise you easily as a netrider ;)
  3. How'd you manage to score a spot there? We tried but the place was booked out. We ended up getting a caravan spot in a park just across the road from the supermarket. I dunno what it's like, nor have I seen it. Hopefully it's OK.

    Not staying at the Jegs residence this year? Looks like all our permanent residences are no longer. Borgy and Frendo have managed to get a house just over the Bridge from San Remo on the Island.

    Looks like I might have to seriously consider buying a holiday house over there....
  4. Just look for Vic's cue ball noggin,and listen for a loud :woot: voice,surrounded by a lot of other likely looking denizens :WStupid: dressed in black and red.
  5. Well lucky me, a mate has just rang me up and said we are going to the GP, theres a bit of floor at his mate's house if I wanna come down. :grin:

    Now how to get a weekend pass :?
  6. We left our run a bit late this year, so our group will be riding down on the day...hopefully.
    We have a bus that sleeps 8(with shower and kitchen) we can take,
    but we have no driver...der...no-one wants to drive down they all want to ride.
    Anyone want to drive the bus down to PI for us. :LOL:
  7. When you find that person to drive,can you carry some crap down for us so we can ride,and not drive :grin:
  8. Yep Flipper, have got my top (wear it all the time :grin: ), netrider plate surround and my cards (will be putting a few of those out :LOL: )...I lurv merchandise :grin:
  9. Cool Marty, we will come and lob in with you when you get your house then :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    We are actually booked in for a week from the Monday, my parents are staying in their van for a few days before us. Really cool, they take the van over and set it up for us (and take all our gear :grin: ) and then come back over to take it home again. I love my Mum and Dad. They also have the kids for us when we are there :)

    The only reason we got in again is because there was a cancellation while my parents were in the office and my Dad was onto them :LOL:

    Getting really excited, I am doing the Barry Sheehan run for the first time and then spending Thursday night there with my parents and Andrew will come over Friday.

    15 sleeps to go :woot:

    Will catch up with you there Marty, and hope to meet lots of other Netriders. Mainly because I don't drink and Andrew will need to find some easy-going, fun-loving, bourbon sipping party animal mates :LOL:
  10. :p I"LL see you all there for the party !!!!
  11. Ok, he should be easy to spot then :grin:

    Our site is on the block backing onto the foreshore (if anyone cares to bother looking for us that is :)).

    Sorry for the seperate posts, but I don't know how to quote from more than one message at a time :oops: :roll:
  12. No worries. We'll be taking the van over on Tuesday to set it up. (it belongs to Terry J, who Andrew may remember - he rides a GSXR-1000 and is the mate who came off a coupla weekends ago and broke his collar bone near Healesville) We'll then work our two dayshifts then come over on Friday, going home Monday. No doubt we'll end up at that Irish Bar, which is not far from the caravan park that we're in, on the Friday night. And maybe wander down the street.

    Not sure of the Borg or the Frendo's plans yet.

    We have grandstand tickets, too, for Pit Straight.

    And yeah, am looking forward to it. Just remember to bring warm clothing, and waterproof stuff at that. Sept can be wet down there, and windy and cold. Or it could be magnificent, just like it has been today, and tomorrow, and the next day, etc....
  13. mjt.. i know the place.. stayed there for the superbikes.. it was fine.. and walkind distence into cowes and the supermarket.. so you can go to the pub and hit it and not have to wrry about riding anywhere.. plentyof facilities, kept clean etc.. you'll be fine.

    as far as i know, the house im staying in is just over the back fence fron there or within close vacinity.
  14. Camping at Motogp


    Anyone camping trackside at the motogp and travelling down from Sydney?????

  15. Re: Camping at Motogp

    Camping trackside you say?????
    Rolla, Firefling, Phanoongy and I are :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
    But we are only coming from the SE of Melbourne.
    16 SLEEPS!!!!!!
  16. Yeah, remember him, we did a ride day at PI a couple of years ago and he was there as well. Didn't know about his off. Is he healing OK?


    Will catch up with you there, no doubt at the Irish bar if Andrew and Peter don't get asked to leave again. Don't know what the fuss was about, there was only one other customer :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Yeah, hopefully, he'll be right to ride over to the Island. Currently, his left arm is next to useless, as it's still painful to try and do anything with it. Sore ribs, too.

    Why does that not surprise me.....
  18. Well all sounds good, sorry i dont post much here but lurk a lot and cant wait til GP. Lets hope the weather is kind to us as i will be there doing my photography thing as usual so if you see a fat prick walking around on the inside or even on the out say hi.

  19. Welcome John. Will keep an eye out for you.
  20. Re: Camping at Motogp

    hey deb, small prob in the party plans...... no fences to pull down :tantrum: (wire fences are not as fun :p )

    i'll be down there hopefully on the thurs not 100% sure on where i'm staying yet.