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Cowboy Truck Drivers & Wind - Bells Line of Rd

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kim Rodger, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Finally got my ride this weekend with dad up Bells Line of Rd to Lithgow then Mt vic home down the GW Highway, but what an adventure.

    Left home & weather was fine but as we left Richmond the wind started to blow through. By the time we were travelling down Bell which I have been waiting to do for weeks the wind was ferocious & really got my attention. Being on my l's this ride was part of my education but even dad didn't expect it to be that bad.
    Anyway, I struggled to keep the bike on the right side of the road & upright on some occassions. Had 3 moments where a spare pair of undies would've come in handy, but as you do you hang on take adeep breathe & do your best. Must admit having dad with me did make a difference to my confidence. Did my best to stay at speed just to get through the wind.

    However the worst moment was merging from the left lane coming down through some twisties into a another left hander & a truck which was quite some way back when I put my indicator on all of a sudden hit turbo boost & ran me off the road into the gravel on the left right next to the white post markings :shock: . He clearly had no intention of slowing down & did not hesitate to try & run dad off as well. Dad having over 55 years experience on 2 wheels held his line & the truck slowed down. Thankfully the cars behind the truck could see the situation & were more than accomodating in letting me back onto the road.

    When we reached Lithgow Maccas where we needed to defrost (my hands were numb from cold) we re capped on our adventure over a hot coffee - well deserved if you ask me.

    I can say I certainly learnt quite a few things on my ride & having your absolute wits about you in all situations is one of them.

    Definately a ride I will do again to gain further experience but never on my own. Will always make sure I have a buddy with me.

    To you truck drivers on line that ride, it is the cowboys out there that give you a bad name not those of you who have respect for other driver/riders & I thank you for your patience.
  2. Didi he have boots on?? Can't be a cowboy unless he's got his boots on.

    Seriously though, well done for braving (and surviving) a run like bells in the horrible weather yesterday. How was the run back??

    Was the truck incident coming down the hill into Lithgow??
  3. I've been going towards the mountains when I saw a truck sans-trailer coming down towards at Warp 7 easy... man he was movin' :shock:

    A bee's d1ck from driftin' that thing I reckon - mad respect, yo :p
  4. did you wiggle your little finger as he went past? :LOL:
  5. Twinings???
  6. Nah, the new RTA "anti speeding" ad
  7. I did that run (almost) on Sunday... Got to the top of the mountain above Lithgow at 3 pm and it looked like snow, So we turned around. Man was it windy!!!!!

    I had my prospective Son-in-law with me and we both decided it was freezing windy and miserable on the heights.
    As I am on the Ls and he is the experienced one, we decided that there was no glory in going further...

    It was a great day anyway. Sorry you got the truck driver from hell. All the ones we saw were angels.....
  8. Thanks Guys.

    Can't say I had time to check out the boots on this guy or wave a pinky at him....main concern was staying up & not hitting anything.

    The ride home down the GW hway was a bit more pleasant & the sun actually came out to play for the last part of our ride.

    Was out again that afternoon to coffee at Rouse Hill.

    Can honestly say have never been so cold in my entire life. Took me 2 days to defrost from the bones outward.....brrrr. Will definately try & pick a nicer day when I do that run again.