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Covert Motorcycle Cop on Calder this morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, May 16, 2005.

  1. While I was parked on the side of the Calder Fwy this morning exchanging names and addresses with the idiot who rear ended me, I'm fine but the car needs a new rear bumper and god knows what else, just past McNamara Avenue a nice looking BMW motorcycle blasted his horn and I looked up to see a nice set of red & blue strobe lights mounted above his rego plate and he was pulling up a VH Group 3 Comode who was trying to queue jump using the emergency lane.

    I didn't have time to have a good look at the bike as my mind was kinda elsewhere at the time for some strange reason.
  2. Goodly.

    I say detest que jumpers, more so the ones that use the emergency lanes.

    And those bloody bikers who lane split.................... :)
  3. i was followed by one yesterday ho,e from healsville to kinglake , I wasnt sure whether he was or wasnt , but after about 8-10k's a group of bike went back the other way , and he did a u turn and went back the other way , thats when i knew .
  4. Especially when they run into the back of you as they move over towards the emergency lane :evil:

    Suffice to say I aint happy today :cry:

    Wish I was a drinker as I could've used something strong at round 7:30 this morning :p

    Just looking at the pics I took with the phone and my car doesn't look too bad but it's stuffed his front end. My biggest concern is he's probably hit my exhaust outlet and may've bent the exhaust underneath somewhere plus the bumper sprang back into shape but I'll gaurantee he's hit the metal behind it :roll: