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covering your bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zilly, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. I have to have my bike outside at nighttime, and I cover it with a bike cover, but what I want to know is how long after you finish your ride, do you cover your bike.

    I usually wait about 10 mins to let the exhaust cool down. Or can I do it as soon as I finish. I would have thought the exhaust would be too hot?

  2. If your gonna cover it leave it for a good 20-30min. I would do that if i was gonna cover my bike...
  3. No shit it'd be too hot. :roll:

    Cover the bike straight away & watch the plastic melt into the

    If it dosent burn ya finger it wont melt your cover.

    Use what God gave you.. common sense.
  4. Definitely don't go chucking the cover on straight away. Not only is there the risk of burning it on the exhaust but you'll also be trapping warm air which as it cools will cause water to condense inside the cover (and on the bike).
  5. I just whack my cover on after riding - have been doing so for over a year and it causes no problems whatsoever to the cover, exhaust, or bike.

    Its not something you should be stipulating about if you don't do it yourself.
  6. yeah no idea if it is heat resistant, just more of a curious question. usually at the end of the ride the exhaust is warm, but not finger burning.

    Didn't even think of the condensation from the warm air, that is good to know =D
  7. i never even bothered to think bout the cover melting lol. well not tiill after i covered it n realised exhaust is hot it might melt, but it didnt.

    that might explain the condensation onthe seat in the morn tho, but i think thats also due to cold mornings inthe hills.

    maybe it needs some venting holes at the top? :grin: :LOL:
  8. I wait between 1.5 to 2 hours before putting my cover on. I wait until the engine is cool enough to touch as well. The person who sold me the cover told me to wait that long. On cold windy winter days, I can probably wait for about one hour.
  9. I throw my cover on usually straight away, leaving the exhaust uncovered until it cools down - usually half an hour or so.

    Very occasionally I cover it straight away - haven't had any meltdowns yet - it is lined with fluffy cotton so maybe that helps :)
  10. I just fling the cover straight on. Haven't had any probs with condensation or melting yet.

    I would, however, appreciate any recommendations for a cover that doesn't disintegrate due to UV degradation inside a year.
  11. I use an old cotton bedsheet. It breathes, and won't melt to the exhaust. I chuck it on straight away with no worries, the price is right too :LOL:
  12. Jeez, how tight are Kawasaki riders!
    I like teh idea!

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. wouldn't the cotton bedsheet mean its not ideal for outside. It won't stop the bike getting wet?

    Mainly I am using my cover to stop rogue possums peeing on the bike, and the weather elements
  14. Don't know about the Eastern States, but over here, rain is less of a problem than the effects of the sun. Cracked seats, faded paint, faded plastics, brittle switchgear etc. A bike left in the open and uncovered starts to look old really quickly.

    Whereas, a bit of rain doesn't hurt as long as the bike dries out soon enough that corrosion doesn't get a foothold. Even in the middle of winter, that's generally not a problem in Perth.
  15. I usually chuck the cover on after about an hour. I can't be bothered when I get home so I just generally do what I got to do before I cover it up. Works well cause by the time I decide to get off my ass to cover it, it will be cool.

    phong =P~
  16. I wondered that when I started using a cover too. I experimented by covering it completely, holding it against the exhaust, waiting a few mins, then checked to see if there was any sign of a problem... there wasn't. Since then I've covered it completely from the start.

    Of course, mine has some liner in it (might make it heat resistant?), and I have an underseat exhaust where only the very end of the top touches the cover.
  17. Thats a cool idea,

    mine has vents where the mirrors are, so would prob stop any condensation
  18. Ive been covering mine straight away...using the aldi $30 special and ive had no problems after a month or 2
  19. I like the idea of a sheet because I park my bikes under a patio, and dust is my big problem.
    As for covering when hot, an air cooled engine cylinder head WILL melt any type of cover material when first shut down.

    Regards, Andrew.