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Cover up your bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by safos, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. So i just picked up my new motorcycle, and as the neat freak i am i wish to keep it shiny and protected.
    Do any of you guys have any recommendations for any bike covers.

    the bike is the Triumph Daytona 675R

  2. There are a number of protective covers available at reasonable prices.
    Larger motorcycle retailers have them.
    But with the 675's having a habit of walking off during the night, I would have it locked inside a garage ,shed or in the house
  3. lucky bastard whats your address:biker:
  4. thats for me to know, and for you and all the stickey fingered folk out there not to know.
  5. thats ok im happy with my 2010
  6. supercheap and autobarn both sell bike covers of varying sizes. shouldn't be hard to find one to fit.
  7. I've got a great cover and I don't know the brand; it was cheap, is black on the outside and white synethetic something on the inside. What I like about it - and this is my suggestion to you: find something that can do this - is that I can put it over a hot engine no worries, unlike a plastic cover. That means it's immediately out of the thieves sight when I park. As every thief and savvy early twentieth century entreupenuer knows, you have to keep Freud in mind and avoid eliciting innate desire in the other through objects of beauty.
  8. 675r has been the subject of my latest obsession. This was replacing the obsession of the white and blue 675SE
  9. I've got an RJays cover (bought it when I didn't know anything different a couple of years ago). Doesn't leak, has a under-belly strap and bungy-type cords (front & rear) to keep it on place in the weather. It also has a soft-ish material on the inside to keep my baby from getting scratched but it's not spider proof... still get the odd bugger spinning a web now and again.
  10. Supercheap has them for sale ATM, different sizes.
  11. triumph have their all weather cover, cost quite a bit about $150? but it has kept mine spotless when it did rain. Well made kit and so it should be for the price.
  12. These are awesome, I've got one for each of my bikes. Never had them leak or tear, or melt on a hot exhaust.