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cover for bikes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by heavyw8, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. hi all..

    dont have a garage and was wondering if i need and if so where i may get a bike cover...

    also, will a standard tarp suffice?

    thanks :)
  2. you are better of getting a proper bike cover

    try bikemart in ringwood
    70 maroonda hwy
    ringwood 3134
    9879 5822

    also you get 10% off being a netrider member

    get one that is fleece / flock lined as you can put it straight over a warm bike and it wont melt / disfigure

    i have a kel pro delux standard (fits over most mid range bikes) i have had it for 2 years now and it is still going strong, it also has slits in the front for a u-bracket lock and connects under the bike with a quick release fastner
  3. Get a cover...I have 2! One's a Kel-Pro and the other's a Motodry (I think thats the brand!). Both Great although the KP is probably better as it has the hole for the lock, but is messier than the other as you have to tie the bottom together rather than just clipping together which is easier....they're both good though!

    :D :D :D
  4. What is the price of a bike cover?
  5. My CB lives under a carport but I still put a cover over it. Bought one from Super Cheap Auto for $40, that's a small size, larger ones are a bit dearer.
  6. Yep always put a decent cover on your bike, even if it lives in a garage. Not only does it stop it getting covered in dust and crap it also prevents scratches when you accidentally wack it with a ladder.
  7. A cover is also quite an effective deterrent against theft.
  8. There are cheap ones available at Supercheap Auto as well. About $20 I think.
  9. Mrs Nodz bought me a lightweight cover. Cover my bike every night, even though it's under the verandah. Stops, dust, rain, sun damage, and condensation on the seat in these cold Autumn mornings. Got it from the Warehouse at Fountain Gate, cost $12. Probably not brilliant for larger bike but fits the Nighthawk well, including the Ventura rack.
  10. One word of advice.....Make sure your bike is dry before you cover it up, otherwise you'll hold in the moisture and parts can rust overnight. Other than that I have one too, great idea.
  11. I bought a cover from Autobarn for $39 (I think). It has a strap that clips under the bike to keep the cover on - in most conditions this is fine, but if it's very windy the cover can shift, exposing parts of the bike.

    Next time I'll get one with a cable running through the lower edge of the cover, so it can be cinched and locked on the bike.
  12. umm why?
  13. As the wise Sho Lee once said 'how can you steal what you cannot see'?

    No actually, it's because the potential thief does not know if there is a ZX10 or an Across lurking under the cover.