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Courtesy bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mik84, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. I still cant get over how much of a fcuk around ive had to go through casue some dickhead backed over me bike...

    When i took itn for repair i asked how long it would take to get the parts in and they said they would all be overnight. Now theyve had the thing for two weeks and are still waiting for one of the fairings to arrive and im getting a little impatient.

    I was away with work the first week so that was no inconvenience and a mate has lent me a car that he doesnt need so i can still get around no dramas but im a little curious whether i can or should ask em to lend me a bike.

    Just after a bit of info as to whether i have the right to ask for one as ive never been in this situation before, and also if it would be worth the trouble with insurances and excesses and the like. Cheers peoples :)

    PS. Nothing can get me down today casue Stoners on pole and the gp is actually on a day where i dont have toget up early for work! :grin: :grin:
  2. You can't ask the mechanics to lend you a bike. (Or you can ask, you won't get one)

    Depending on your insurance you can claim the cost of a rental bike/car (the at fault guys have to pay for it).
  3. Ah ok cheers :) , yeah i dont have any insurance so thats not an option and i had enough trouble arguing with their insurance assessor just to get the repairs themselves done to the standard the bike was previously in...
  4. I borrowed a bike (three actually - my kids came along too) from a dealer. He was able to insure me for $40 per bike. (That may be per day, I dunno - only borrowed them for one day.)

    Maybe your repairer can do the same - but absorb the insurance costs themself.
  5. Can't hurt to ask.

    Took my bike in to get it serviced a few months back and half-heartedly asked if there's any chance I could borrow a bike for the half day they said it would take em to get it done. They said normally it wouldn't be a problem, but they had already given out their courtesy bikes, and me being on restrictions they couldn't let me ride one of their bigger ones.

    Call up and ask. Worst thing that can happen is they say "no".
  6. If they are only waiting for a fairing, ask them if you can take the bike while they are waiting for the part to come in. Then pop in and have it fited when it does arrive.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Yeah i considered it but thought id rather not cause i want everything to be fixed first so i can go over it with i fine tooth comb all at once and make sure shes good as new.
  8. You can ask but they aren't obligated to provide you with one, hence it being called a courtesy bike. If you shop around for a repairer again one day ask it before you give them the job.
  9. Ask the guys for the number of the company who is sending your fairing. They are lying through their teeth!
  10. I cant see why they would be? I went in there today and had a look at the bike and everything had been done bar the tail fairing...
  11. Well then if they aren't stalling or over booked and they are genuinely waiting on ANOTHER company to send your fairing.... what do really think they will say if you ask them to provide a courteousy bike?? :? :?

    I know what id be telling you! At best they may give you a car?
  12. But its the fact that they told me the parts would be delivered the next day. If they had of told me they couldnt get the parts for 3 weeks i would have taken my bike in then...

    Its an actual yamaha bike dealer so no chance of getting a car.
  13. Sorry but I find it extremely hard to believe that a Yamaha dealer can't source a 2005 R6 fairing!
    Someone's farking around with you champ.
  14. What would you suggest their caper is then?

    If i could figure out any reason why theyd keep the bike there any longer when it would take them 10 minutes to put a tail fairing on id be having strong words with em. Trust me :wink: