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court next week, question about restrictions / license loss

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by kyro_02, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. So I have court next week, 23rd... so i've been looking on the vicroads site (I must be looking in totally different section.. but can't find the PDF stating "the time you lose on your License, you'll have to add an extra x months on restrictions" or to that affect.

    any give me some insight?
    fyi i'm looking at 3 months MAX

    btw.. anyone with license loss experience(lol) through the courts, am I right in thinking I have up to 24hour (or is that 48hours?) before my license is actually SUSPENDED after court.

    thanks !

  2. Are you sure it doesn't say something like "if you loose your lisence whilst on your Ps you have to sit your P test again and start from scratch"?
  3. Not in victoria, in WA or was that SA? that you have to resit your license tests.

    Infact, it's so tight in SA that you lose your license in one hit if you fail to display your P plates... because we all know not displaying your P plates will kill people around you. :)

    all I know once this ordeal is over, i'll be driving/riding like a granny!
  4. Hey Kyro, sorry you are going through this.

    I am on 1 point until June22nd 2008.... I lost 13 points and I ride and drive like a Granny on the fwy and straight lines.... I just dont slow down for the corner....

    Seriously, things changed until you get your license back. I really think all riders should go through this.... My opinion.

    One thing you need to look at, in court, if you MUST have a car for work, they may be able to allow you "to and from work" priveladges or something like that.
Thread Status:
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