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Court Hearing - any advice anyone?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by no_shame, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. Hey all;

    got a court hearing tomorrow wihch has been arranged at the last minute due to a lovely local MP who does work on the weekend, she gets my vote now and a bottle of wine later on.

    Story short I had my license suspended due to a bullshit fine from a now (i'm not meant to know this) suspended cop. I originally paid the fine due to the cop lying to me and a miscommunication of my reading skills. 2 months later vicroads the useless pricks send me a letter telling me i'm out of demerit points and its 'sitting outside connex headquarters with a gun waiting to kill every useless prick that dares drive out in an expensive fancy car and dare not use the bullshit system they can not run' time...

    I asked the completely f***ing useless civic compliance mob that i wish to contest the fine etc and to tell vic roads to re-instate my license. Due to more bullshit reasons they decline that idea and refuse to pass me any information.

    Sorry been ranting, basically tomorrow is just asking the local magistrate to lift the license suspension until the actual court date dealing with the original fine. However with a bit of luck, maybe the fine will be canceled there and then not giving the not fill in cop a chance to prepare evidence... but that won't happen but its a nice thought...

    Now the reason I post here (and under this name) does anyone have any advice with these matters? What to say, what to take (besides all the paperwork I can muster), what to mention, etc etc?

    Any advice will be great, just wished I could of posted this earlier but i've just found out... I have to leave at 7:15 tomorrow morning so hopefully there are still people awake reading here... tomorrow night will be an update on how it went when I get home (which I still haven't figured out yet)

    thanks in advance...
  2. Just be Honest and Straight Forward. The Beak has heard lies before.

    If all else fails, say that you are on Heroin. That gets you off anything.
  3. No need for a suit but dress neat.
    Be confident without being cocky.
    Have your facts straight but without sounding "rehearsed".
    Be courteous.
    Speak clearly and only when asked a question.
    Ask again if you don't understand.
  4. Don't turm up with a hangover.

    If you turn up drunk, make sure you bring an esky and share. :)

    Like anything else.... Facts and honesty will get you a long way. Bullshit will see you taking the train and judges can tell the difference between the two. :)
  5. no suit? I was going to wear my business suit (work gear)... just shirt and pants you reckon?

    thanks everyone for your help... going to write down some stuff so i don't forget to mention it tomorrow...
  6. Mate if you have a suit and you feel comfortable in it by all means chuck it on.

    I was meaning if you were thinking of hiring/borrowing and they never fit properly.
  7. And whatever you do, don't drive to/from the hearing if your license is suspended or stays suspended.

    They nailed a bunch of people doing that recently.
  8. i was actually thinking of driving to the train station and parking there instead... but then i got a lift in... now just need to get a lift out...

    would be pretty funny though to stand there in a motorbike jacket with a helmet under your arm...

    "did you ride here?"
    "no i'm just afraid of falling over and head injuries..."
  9. x 2.

    Good luck and let us know how you go.
  10. :rofl:
  11. Remember to bow to the judge when you leave the room aswell!

    some Judges are very funny about this
    just a little lurch forward or a nod with the head or something
  12. Firstly, thanks for the advice everyone, much appreciated... since I now have the rest of the afternoon to dig a 0.6m deep trench through solid rock, i'll write my update story style for hopefully someone's reading benefit at work...

    After having a complete f***ing fit last night as I could not remember where i'd left all my paperwork last night at 11pm, I was thinking a mad dash into melbourne CBD to go to work to find it was in order. Good enough excuse for a ride for me, oh, no license, well well... turns out I left it in the car for some time and forgot about it... along with that chiwara I stuffed in the glove box around 3 months ago for biting me at the supermarket...

    I rocked up in a business shirt and good pants, and after been nearly 30 minutes early I was freezing my arse off and walking around to get warm. Once the doors opened to register, I was first in. Big hurdle of the day, some skinny ferret faced shit head namely the court clerk. I spend 10 minutes explaining my case, which was simple, 10minutes in front of the magistrate to lift the current suspension until the fine contest is heard. He then told me to wait outside as he had "lots to do" (no one else was there)... 45 minutes later the local bogan's and drop kicks are hanging around and one guy was looking extremely sus...

    I went in to speak to the clerk again and he says he can not find a reason to give me the court hearing. Containing my urge to grab that old classic fountain pen sitting on the desk and draw on his retinas, I explained it again. He then turned around and told me, I don't have a computer at the moment and I have a heap to do (this time around I believed it, more people around outside), come back in 90 minutes and we will try and get something going.

    I walk outside fairly annoyed as I don't have any transport and I absolutely hate the town in question. I wonder to the lawyer shop and ask for some basic legal advice. I'm told that this shop is the "duty lawyer" for today's hearings and to go and wait back at the court. Several phone calls later to friends the duty lawyer appears, WITH A HOT SECRETORY. She's awesome, gorgeous and well spoken. But with more at stake, I figure I better play the cards right... I explain it all to the lawyer feller, and he says perfect, you need to contest section 51 or something. Whatever, just get me in front of the magistrate. This bloke seems very friendly and helpful so i'm quite confident now and feel something is moving forward.

    The two of us head into the clerk's office again, and in the flash of 5 minutes, i'm been told by the lawyer also that I can not be heard today because i'm not registered and the computer is down. Next thing I know i'm holding a form saying I need to post this to the issuing police officer, for him to appear in court, he needs 14 days notice. Next thing i'm walking out the door having achieved nothing...

    On my walk to the train, it occurred to me, if i'm going to fcuk around trying to get the police officer into the court room to un-suspend my license until the fine contest can be heard, I may as well just move straight to the fine hearing. What an absolute fcuk around. Really, if this fine is found to be bullshit (which I do think is the case), that means i've been suspended for 3-4 months for no reason.

    My solution, f*** the c***s i'm riding anyway and taking other measures to safe guard any further issues... really, what the f*** is the point in the legal system if the above happens, guilty until proven innocent. Sorry for the language but just writing this and really got me worked up again. Anyway, so that was my shitty day, right now i'm off to cook some BBQ marinated pork chops for lunch...

    oh and nothing else happened with hot secretory girl...
    random girl #1 and #2 however have a friend, random girl #3, aka "chicken strips", but that's another story for another day...

    cheers all for the help and the listening to my rant... BBQ time...
  13. make sure you strap the BBQ to your bike...
  14. Sorry to hear about the stuff around. Courts can be the most annoying places as can the lazy staff. (Not all but some are.) Thanks for the update. Just out of interest, what was the original fine?

    Make the most of the BBQ.
  15. I was on the "one point challenge". Thing is I started it in my car and 6 months through it got a bike license and bike. People who have seen me ride would think how the hell did you make it. Well I almost did.

    On the LAST DAY at 8PM, i.e. 4 hours left out of 365 days I received a fine. Problem is, it was my mate who was in front of me, and the PIG of a cop radared my mate, and wrote the same fine out to both of us. At the time, i asked him, how many points do i have. He said your fine, you've got them all (as I wasn't sure whether the 12 months ended that day or day before). Turns out it was that day and what the cop told me was utter bullshit.

    The fine was 76 in a 70 zone.

    As a result, i thought nothing of it and paid the fine several days later.

    Two months later VicRoads sends me a letter saying no more license. At which I started this appeal process etc. But they are saying now that because I haven't contested the fine within 28 days of getting it I can't. So hopefully a phone call soon will sort all this out. Talk about a biatch of a situation.

    already have, very nice marinated BBQ pork chops and on me 3rd bier and the trench digging can wait. Music is cranking at 113dB and i'm soaking up the sun however slightly burnt from yesterday's digging...
  16. That is a biatch of a situation. Good luck with the rest of it.

    You're making me feel guilty about the trench as I have to dig one too in the back yard. And I'm just jealous about a BBQ and beers for lunch. :grin: Talk about knowing how to get on with life.