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Courier parcel tracking question.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. I'm having a major nitwit attracting week... nothing has gone smooth!

    Here's a little background story before asking my courier package tracking question.

    MONDAY arvo, I ordered a Virago rear sprocket from CityWest Yamaha. I paid EXTRA to have it especially individually couriered back to the shop as I had just missed a regular yamaha ordering run. I was ensured that the sprocket would be there TUESDAY after lunch. I was physically at the counter when the sales guy made the calls to make the arrangements.
    R "So you'll call me when the part arrives?",
    CWY "Yep no problems."

    Tuesday after lunch comes and goes, but there's no phone call, so I call.
    R "Hi this is Rob ringing about those Virago parts"
    CWY "...Nope the sprocket hasn't come in."
    R "Can you call couriers please and give me a call back with an ETA".
    CWY "Yep will do." Click.

    Later I ring back:
    R "Hi, any news on that Virago sprocket".
    CWY "No, it hasn't turned up".
    R "Why?"
    CWY "Don't know. Things go missing all the time."
    R "Whaaat? Surely there's a tracking number, what is it? Maybe I'll call Couriers please and be the pesky customer for you. I need that part. I've made arrangements."
    CWY "Look I'll call again and let you know."

    Much later in the arvo I call back:
    R "Hi, I'm ringing again about that rear sprocket"
    CWY "I'm sorry but they weren't on the last delivery run and Couriers please can't locate them. They think that they're in a depot somewhere and will probably get delivered first thing in the morning."
    R "Are you fairdinkum? How can they not know where the parts are? Do they know which depot?? Can they at least let the courier driver know that I'm pushing for these bits so that he can make sure YOU are the first drop off?"
    CWY "Look, I'm confident we'll get it first thing in the morning, and I'll call you."
    R (huge resigned sigh)"Ok".

    Flash forward to today... 10am... no call.

    R "Hi, it's me again, chasing those virago parts."
    CWY "Ah look, they haven't come in this mornings delivery."
    R "!@##$! Can you find out where they are. Give me an ETA. I have made arrangements to get the bike work done and I'm feeling stuffed around."
    CWY "...ok".

    5 minutes later:

    CWY "Hi, it's City West Yamaha... according to the distributor, the parts went out and according to Courier's please, they no longer have tracking information for the part, they believe the part has been delivered, but we don't have them here..."
    R "What???"
    CWY "The part appears to be lost. I'm really sorry about that. I can put in another order and get it here by this afternoon."
    R "#$@@!! You know what, don't do that. I've confirmed that I can get the parts at Yamaha City in the next half hour - I'm going there. I'll come by later for a refund."
    CWY "Ok, I understand, we'll refund you the money"

    To be fair, it does seem like CityWest Yam were let down, but I don't think the parts guy pushed Couriers please hard enough.

    So here's my question... if a courier has a tracking/bar code scanning system, HOW CAN THE PACKAGE GET LOST????????? How can they fair and square down the phone say "we don't know where the part is" and give a "that's life" kinda response???? Don't they care they bloody well lost a package?????

  2. Geez Rob...your having a bit of a tough time with getting parts delievered recently arent ya... :cry:

    I dont really know the answer to your question, I have no idea how a part which has an identification code on it can be mislaid going from one place to another - and why the attitude is 'oh well - never mind' - gotta admit there is nothing more frustrating than dealing with someone who doesnt seem bothered enough to help you out - even just a little bit...

    Hopefully you'll get everything sorted out asap and you can relax and enjoy the preparation for your hols :grin:
  3. Couriers Please.................

    Should be Couriers?.......................Oh please!

    Better off to drive to wherever it is and pick it up yourself!

    I'd be ringing the distributor and telling them how you bought a product from a different company because the courier they use SUCKS!

    When I was in retail I could get stuff to Melb West suburbs from one company in Sydney, same day, if I ordered before 11am, yet another company in Melb East suburbs , took me 5 working days to get products from! :mad:
  4. sorry Rob.... couriers please ...you get what you pay for ...very bad service
  5. Yep - and their driving is even worse (bad even by courier van standards).
  6. I should add:

    Couriers Please operate as a "hub and spoke" type courier service, Driver A will pick the goods up from the despatch point and deliver them to a central depot (hub) this is normally done in a great rush with very little care as the drivers are paid a very low $ amount per pick-up/delivery.

    Driver B will race into the depot, load his van from the bin designated for his area, again this is done with very little care. This is also where onus of responsiblity comes in, because all con notes have a rider on the back stating "no responsibility taken for lost goods"

    I may not be right on a lot of things, but frieght I now about. If your going to use a courier service always use one where the driver doing the pick-up will also be the driver doing the delivery .. then you have onus of responsibilty.
  7. I work in logistics, I can tell you that barcodes and computer tracking are bullshit. Half the time it doesn't even get scanned, the people on the other end of the customer service line can only see what you would see if you went to their website and type in the con. note number yourself, drivers don't care, and no-one, and I mean NO-ONE rings you back.

    I've been through them all, Couriers Please, Toll, TNT, Sadliers, CLC (Hunter Express), McPhee, and they're are all exactly the same. One of the unavoidable hazards of doing business unfortunately...
  8. Post script.. .2minutes ago.

    Mobile rings - but I can't take it because I'm already on the phone to Auspost about ANOTHER delivery item - it was ordered 2weeks ago with a 3 day delivery!! (it doesn't stop I tell ya...)...

    Anyway, mobile phone goes to message bank and the message goes something like this:

    CWY "Hi Rob, this is xxx from CityWest Yamaha. Just wanted to let you know that that part has just landed, so if you didn't have any luck in the city, that part is here for you."


    Thanks CWY, I genuinely appreciated the call... but it's too late. Yamaha City already met my need. Get a better courier service!

    On the positive side, if anyone needs a Virago rear sprocket... there's definitely one at CityWest Yamaha!



    ps Thanks for the insight Nobby. I'll know to avoid Couriers Please from now on!!
  9. To be frank, if it's not time critical, CP is a good service for moving stuff cheaply and easily, but if you're in a hurry and NEED to know where it is and what it's doing, talk to Toll Fast or TNT Sameday...
  10. when I worked for hp we could get parts hotlined from the US to the UK overnight, Germany to the UK same day. We would pay for a courier to wait for the next available flight. It cost heaps though, but always a great way to get parts quickly for a customer escalation. Even in Aus we could get parts from the US overnight if we got the timing right.
  11. I was a couriers please customer till last week. I'll get to that bit shortly.

    Person X orders some Netrider Merchandise and I ship it via Couriers Please.
    2 weeks later I get an email from person X stating "you sent me an email 2 weeks ago saying that you shipped the order, you gave me a tracking number but the parcel hasn't arrived, I'll phone CP and attempt to trace it"

    Surprised, I check the POD page on their site, status was "Delivered" and the signature was "Back". I relay this information to person X.

    After several phone calls from person X to CP, CP finally contact me and state that the driver tossed it over the "back" fence hence the "Back" as the signature.

    That wouldn't be so bad if the driver had managed to go to the correct street and toss it over the correct gate and have it land in the correct 'Back" yard :roll:

    So Osama's cousin from CP emails me and says, "sorry we stuffed up, can you reship the goods and give us an invoice for the costs and we'll reimburse you"

    Organise another batch of merchandise, box it up and book the courier.

    I use 5kg satchels, they can get my stuff pretty much anywhere for ~$8

    I used to use labels, these were more expensive, locally up to $9 and interstate anywhere from $15 upwards. Hence my swap to the satchels.

    When I booked the courier, I asked them to bring me out another 10 satchels.

    When the driver did arrive, (same one that services CWY rob;) :) he dead set looked as if he wanted to engage in a punch on!!!! :shock: he was berating me because I chose to use satchels. He gets more money if I use labels and i'm doing him out of money, I'ts not right, yadda yadda, the wages are low, you should know (I was a courier for a very brief time).

    I'm like, is this bloke for fcuken real??????????

    I told him, "you know what? bang the satchels, bang your labels, bang the entire fcuken company, piss the fcuk off before I lose it and tear you into fragments and ship you in your fcuken satchels"

    Suffice to say, I haven't received the refund that is owed ;)

    CP tracking is shit. As long as you send locally, you can trace your goods, ship interstate and the tracking stops once your item is passed onto the interstate truck.

    The Scanners that are used are good. They connect via GPRS and update the "base" continuously so you should know where your parcel is at all times. This of course is a marketing ploy as not all drivers have scanners. Or some run older scanner with no GPRS connectivity. Hence the "fcuked if I know" voice when you ask the question.

    Time to look for another courier service.
  12. I have to say, if you need something fast, and Express post works for it(city to city) you really can't beat it.
    Even normal AusPost, with parcels is damn quick, I often get things next day if I order first thing of a morning, and parcels from WA often get to me in two days or less.
    McPhee were good, dunno if they still exist, as is IPEC, especially for large items. StarTrack can suck frequently too.
    We used to get large rolls of material delivered in a few of my old jobs, and Star Track were the only ones who could manage to damage them consistently.
    I can't stand when the drivers whine about their jobs, if you don't like it, do something about it. Sure the pay is low, but it's not exactly a tricky job.

    Regards, Andrew.

  13. TNT

    Bit more expensive but worth it.
  14. Not for me it's not.

    I sell personalised coffee mugs for $15. If I need to charge $15 for shipping then people will not buy.

    I was hoping for a one stop solution, I make the stuff, they pick it up and deliver it.
  15. Where all your items are small like that what's wrong with parcel post or express post?
  16. Laziness. Means I need to go and stand in a post office, typically in long queues waiting for the pensioners to do their banking or people paying their bills.

    Why can't they have a post specific queue is beyond me.
  17. Vic, we use these guys when we need to do parcels low cost, http://www.starcouriers.com.au/index.html
    so far .. no complaints ..
  18. I used to buy bags in bulk, when i filled them all I had to do was walk up to the side counter, place it there on the counter, and walk away, no queues, no waiting.
  19. Bottom line they have no idea on where the destination is.

    I ordered something from Sydney just beofre christmas.
    Delivered by TOLL freight & with tracking system.

    Left Sydney afternoon of order arrived @ Albury sometime during the night np , should have been @ my front door following morning

    But noooo instead of it being handed over to the local freight guy who comes to Mulwala it gets shipped of to Shepparton. Shep then labels it misdirected.
    Then it goes to Wangaratta then it finally finds its way to my door.

    Guess which freight company got a lovely ph call.
  20. They dont want my business. I guess I'm just that little too far out for them :roll: wankers the lot of them