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Courier companies

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by mr_messy, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. I'm trying to send a package to NSW and was just wondering if anyone can suggesta courier company to use that does online quotes.

  2. If you know the weight of the thing just ring a couple.
    Aust Post is still good value up to about 15kg.
  3. smartsend.com.au
  4. Pack and send is good for bulkier items. Door to door service too :)
  5. If you have ample spare cash. They are very pricey
  6. $100 to send a $180 box to NSW
  7. I didn't find them particularly bad. Sent a whole front crossmember for a supra from my door to my mates door for $70. And believe me when I say it was a big sucker. And heavy to boot.
  8. Got a price off ozzie Post??
    $22 for a large screen from
    Perth to F.N.Qld :grin:
  9. It's $17 for what I want to send to where I want to send it.
    But I have to take it to the closest office which is 1.2km away and I have no car. Otherwise I'd do it.
  10. You're in Doncaster or something right? (maybe I am remembering wrong) If you are... I'm in Templestowe. I can give you a lift or something at a convenient time.
  11. That's very nice of you.
    At the moment I'm just waiting for payment before I do anything. Will see how it goes.
  12. Ok mate. Just let me know if you need a lift :)
  13. where in melb are you ??