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couple of questions regarding the HONDA VFR800Fi

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mikey213, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. apparently i posted in the wrong section and the thread was closed, so here we go again.. i joined the forum hornet suggested but the forum he suggested is pretty much dead and not much active people so ill stick to asking questions here, and ultram worried me for a second, but all is good.

    take #2 at this thread -.-

    I was just looking at bikes that sounded nice,looked nice,around $10,000.
    for a possible upgrade in the future...

    i've only had the gs for 6 and a bit months, i'm on my green p's on the 17th of this month, so my understanding is i can ride a non lams bike after said date, the R on my license is the 18th (clarified with ultram so i am un-restricted)

    was just on bikesales, and i saw a couple of these bikes the honda VFR800fi, i really like the look of them and they sound reasonable in the technical aspect, i did a google search on reviews, and they weren't as helpful as i thought.

    my future upgrade will be used for the same things i do now, a combination of touring (a little bit),normal riding (commuting), and fun in the twisty bits, i want full fairings.. as i've had 2 naked bikes now.

    what is the general consensus on these bikes? there is one for sale at mornington honda, so test riding it shouldn't be an issue if its still for sale when i can make time.
    or has anyone got any other recommendations, i was looking at the vstrom, but all the threads on here seem to focus on how it doesn't look great.

    obviously i haven't got the money to go out and buy it next week, id have to save and sell the gs, but it doesn't harm anyone, having a gawk now.

    cheers guys.
  2. Yes it's what I'll be upgrading to when I'm off my Ps in Nov, although I'll probably delay purchasing to the next winter as they're cheaper then.

    Apparently the OEM regulator/rectifiers are pants so see if it's the original one and factor in a replacement if it is.

    I want a white one. The maroon red is really boring.
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    Looked at these when I was upgrading but out of my price bracket. Its a good bike from what I read. They have the sportier shape with a more upright seating position so you will feel comfy coming from a naked. They are quite heavy but

  4. The definitive sports-tourer and all-rounder.
    Serious sportbike riders will tell you they are too heavy, and for that purpose they are, but plenty of lesser mortals punt them around at track days without falling over.
    No serious issues, only the charging system seems to give occasional trouble and that's fixable. Engine layout means servicing costs are a little more than other models but they go forever.
  5. Agreed, great bikes and sound awesome with the right pipes. Get the right tyres too, I had Mich PR2's front and back, they really suited the VFR and lasted very well.

    They are a bit heavy, but that also gives them better crosswind stability.
  6. i'm a bigger bloke so the heaviness shouldn't be an issue i don't think.

    cool it sounds like they're a decent bike, a bit worried that there is some issues but i suppose all bikes have their own quirks.

    might have to go down and test ride it before it gets sold.
    won't be upgrading for a little while yet, but i like to be prepared.

    thanks guys.
  7. I love the sound of them with pipes on.
    There comfy..........
    They do look good I think.
    I have done over three hundred K's on one in a day and was surprised at how fresh I was. No pain at all. I got lots a broken bits right now. So yeah very comfy for a (tongue in cheek) sportier bike.
    It is unique being V4......
    If your a sensible rider, whom has some form of self control then they are a very safe, reliable and comfortable bike. They look ok so they don't put you in the grandpa (Olyssies lol) crowd.
    They can haul ass and my friends have laughed their guts out at me trying to make one keep up to their schmofisticated liter bikes.
    Well they laugh after cause they have to try pretty hard to leave me and old Wanda behind.
    I must say the bike scares the crap out of me at silly speeds. I have no confidence in it when I push it. Or my ability to keep it upright if it does go all pear shaped.
    It hates to slide with a passion. Backing it in can be very tricky and the pogo of the suspension gives me motion sickness.
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    If you can get one with Staintune pipes, do it, nothing sounds nicer than the V4 at 8,000+

  9. you want full fairings? bah humbug ! soft !

    Seriously though I've heard plenty of good things about those VFRs./

    As for the weight well, and I speak being a GSX1400 owner which isn't exactly light, it matters not much.

    It's not going to flick form side to side like a blade, but that does'nt mean it won't handle.

    My bike needs to be shown where to go rather than have me just look in that direction. The VFR will be in teh middle somewhere.

  10. Check the bike for sales thread here. Tonee has a VFR800 up for sale that would be a great bike for what you're after.

  11. I saw that whitey.

    but i haven't got the money at the minute so i'm basically just researching.
    so far so good, no one has said anything bad about them.
  12. I would love one, if only they werent so damn heavy...
  13. compared to what, though? they're not a hyper-sport bike, but they perform well. they're not a touring bike but they weigh less than an FJ1300 and the like.....

    without being provocative, have you ridden one?
  14. I understand they are not a hypersport bike nor are they designed to be, and no I have not ridden one, but I trust the reviews? :)
    I just do not understand WHY they have to be as heavy as they are!?...design brief, price point, whatever. thats the only reason I am not considering it as a post lams ride..
    However, everything else about the vfr does appeals to me.

    Mr Honda,! please put the Viffer on a diet! !
  15. Well I've just come off 7 years with a lightweight 600 Hornet onto a '95 VFR-750, and in terms of low speed weight there's nothing to choose between them. Up and going you'd never tell the difference.....
  16. I think a few have maybe jumped on my wagon with that.
    My initial and real statement was they lacked the torque needed for the weight they have.
    And their a fat lazy bastard ha ha.
    In all seriousness I don't believe the Vtech was a good idea. I don't think it works. A liter V4, chain driven cam motor in that frame. Perfection.
    The sound would have been awsome. Deeper rasp with that cam sound, it's still not Ducati cam over run. But bike for bucks.
    Give me a nice USD front end with some dampening adjustment. A rear spring that can cope with one let alone two up.
    And 200 more cc's. Nothing beats CC's for torque...till you force feed that is.
    Would have been cheaper and for mine the better way to go in 02
    Modding a vfr motor is not cheap nor very affective. Thank you Vtech...farkn.