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couple of questions (CBR250rr)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tommi, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. i got my bike yesterday and my mate rode it home for me.. that night i was trying to start it up but i flattened the battery (because i was starting it with the kill switch on OFF) now i clutch started it today and rode it for about 15 mins and i stalled it and the start button still did nothing.. 5 mins later back at mine still nothing.. do i just need to ride it longer or is my bat/altinator fuked?

    another thing was i left it running after riding it for 15 mins and it started to over heat (my mate was revving it a bit in neutral) green fluid (obviously coolant) started dripping (a fair bit) out of one of the pipes pointing down on the right side of the bike.. after riding it for 5 mins the temp came down and no more coolant.. is this normal?

  2. do all your electrics come on when you turn it on (but not start it), ie, does the horn/lights work?

    put a multi-metre across the battery, what does it say?

    start the bike, and run it at about 4,000rpm, what does the multi-meter say then?
  3. ok the green fluid is a big NO NO... check if the clamps and the hoses there are atached properly... also see if there are any holes in the pipes... when the coolant heats up the preasure goes up too.. so if there is a hole it could be squesing some coolant out...
  4. oh yeah I forgot the coolant one....

    the hose that it is coming out of on the left hand side is the coolant overflow pope, it would of started coming out, because the bike got hot (the hotter the coolant gets, the more it expands). However it is intresting to know it got hot after it was idling, was the thermo-fan working?

    unfortunity I do not know if it is "normal" for them to overheat when they idle, as I do not yet have my licence to ride my CBR!

    when you work the motor hard, does it show any signs of getting towards being warm?
  5. i will test the battery tomorow when its light outside.

    my mate was reving it to 14,000 i think thats why it overheated (warm afternoon aswell)

    do they have a thermofan? i will have to search and see if i can see it running.

    all the lectrics work but they dim slightly sometimes.. like when i rev etc
  6. they well mine has a thermo fan, mounted on the back of the radiator (obviously) it shouldn't run all the time, just when it is hot!

    I started mine and and reved it a bit the other way, and I could actually watch the temprature guage rise, but I only ran it for maybe 5 minutes, it never even reached the middle of the guage, and I wasn't really reving it THAT much.

    my light also goes bring and dim with the revs, but I think this is to do with the small battery?

    what I mean, is with the engine not running, does the light come on?
  7. This is more so due to the voltage being output by the alternator. The alternator on most bikes does not put out enough voltage out at idle to charge the battery, so most electrics on the bike are using battery to keep em going.

    When the engine rpm increases so does the output voltage of the alternator to a regulated 13.5V so the increase from say 11.5V at idle to around 13.5V while revving causes the lights to go brighter. This is normal. It could be resolved but it would result more strain on the motor at idle and at low rpm. And the last thing we want on our little four banger 250 is anything taking torque from the motor.
  8. who did you buy it off? dealer or private?
  9. I think all 250's hate sitting idling. My zzr used to get quite hot when it wasnt getting enough airflow, and that had a thermo fan. Just make sure your thermo is working and your cooling system has the right mix of inhibitor in it and thats all you can really do. And i guess it would be a good idea not to let your mate rev the arse out of your bike for no reason while idling !!
  10. yeah probly not the best idea..

    the lights do come on when the bikes not running. start button does nothing.. i will get one of the portable battery chargers today coz im sick of clutch starting the thing.. (can i use one of the ones from supercheap auto for cars, on my bike?)

    i got it from a dealership
  11. well if you got it from a dealership, take it back to them and say it wont start!

    Im not 100% sure if you can, ring up a battery/bike shop and ask them, even if you do, make sure you disconnect the battery first (negative lead first then positive, positive first when you put it back on!)
  12. If the battery won't charge I'll bet my life it's because the battery is stuffed. A new one won't cost much and should solve any futher problems in that regard.

    As for the coolant, it will be because of overheating causing the pressure to build & squeese through any gap it can find.If it's not a problem when riding the hoses are probobly OK but worth checking.

    NEVER run a bike at 14000 revs in netral for any lenth of time. All you're doing is thrashing the engine for no reason. It's basically vandalism & someone owes your bike an apology. I can't imagine what your mate thought he'd learn in 15 mins that he couldn't learn in 10 secs, which is that it makes a lot of noise. Thermal fan or not a 250 generally likes to have a breeze on it, and they are designed with that assumption in mind.

    1 New battery.
    2. Check hoses & clamps & replace if brittle or not properly attatched.
    3. Refill coolant to required level.
    4. Check oil hasn't caramelised (unlikely but possible) & repace if needed.
    5. Enjoy the hell out of a sweet little bike & keep the keys away from ya mate. :D :D
  13. My old FZR250 had a fan which would only turn on when the temp gauge would reach red... I changed the thermostat and the coolant... still thesame...

    Make shoure you have coolant in the system!!!
  14. Dude, take it back to the dealership and complain. Unless it's got more than 30,000 klicks on it, it's covered by a 3 month warranty.
  15. all problems solved.. reason it was overheating is the fact my mate was reving it after i had been riding it for 20 mins and it was allready hot.. batt was flat and i charged it for an hour and its perfect now

    my mate whos a bike mechanic checked it over.. only thing not working is the horn ( i allready knew this befor i bought it) and a new one is like $5 so its all sweet

    thanks for your help guys!