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Couple of pics of my Vulcan

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Vulcanised, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Couple of pics of my baby :grin:

    2007 1600 Classic with a "Caddmann" intake modification...... a little adjustable resistor to fool the air temp sensor! pulls harder than a h@rney school boy! :p Love riding it!!



  2. also i will be going to the Dark Side in the next couple of weeks :cool: should be interesting :LOL:
  3. Very Nice Bike,

    I was in the local Kawawawawasaki dealership yesterday and I was looking at the VN1600 Nomad and the VN2000 Vulcan,,, think I got the models right --------> and I was dribbling at the mouth
  4. i want to trade up to the VN2000 :grin: unfortunately i would have to borrow enough for a divorce lawyer as well :oops:
  5. LOL

    I have already done the divorce lawyer bit,, so only need to pay for the bike hahahahahhahaha

    Yep VN2000 would almost be worth a divorce. <<--joking

    I sat on it expecting to be overwhelmed by its weight but was pleasantly suprised at how well it balanced.

    Tell me would the VN1600 be a good touring cruiser ?
  6. it wouldn't be too bad. The seat is not as comfy as it looks for long duration rides.... but it purrs along the highway nicely, plenty of torque...... i know of a few people who do a bit of touring on a 1600 Nomad and they like it.
  7. I think the selection process for my next bike is going to be an extremely difficult process and the VN1600 Nomad is one of them,, I guess with my poor eyesight it resembles a Harley Davidson Road King Classic.

    OMG I am so much enjoying riding again and this forum is great.
  8. i been back on the bike since last November...... must say i am enjoying it too
  9. I got my Virago and XT250 trailbike and the kids bikes all in April this year, every oppurtunity I get I am out riding. Everynight after work if the weather is right, I go for a ride. :LOL: