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Couple of Nooby Questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by captainraincoat, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. Gday everyone,Long time reader first time poster

    In the next 6 months i am looking at purchasing my first bike and i have pretty much settled on a VTR250 but i have a few quick questions

    1) I am 29 and have a rating 1 car licence (full) however i hold a learners for my motorcycle...what is the average everyone is paying in here for full comp insurance new or used...keep in mind im a learner.

    2) New or Used.....i dont want second hand problems but is that extra 3000$ really worth it...what would be the most i should pay for a second hand one with under 20k.....avg i see is 4500 - 6500 but the advantages of a warranty make new look attractive.

    3) Whats the fuel ecconomy like on these bikes..ill probrably be using it daily and may be traveling 80km a day (Vic Monash to city run)..how many times would i have to fill it and what does a full tank cost?

    4) is Honda really discontinuing these bikes next year? i heard a rumour

    5) what sort of money would i be looking at to install a imobilizer
    a keyless start would be ideal...how much will it cost

    Your help is greatly appreciated

  2. 1. I pay $400 for my big old girl.

    2. Used bike for a learner's is best. Look after it and it'll returnmost of its money when you sell it. Dropping a new bike hurts more than dropping an old bike. Also, older bike = cheaper insurance.

    3. Dunno.

    4. Dunno.

    5. Dunno. Get a disk lock and pray, like I do. :wink:
  3. /1 Insurance will never be cheap for a first time rider regardless of your driving record.

    /2 Used, no point paying big $ for a brand spanking 2fiddly when every state has LAMS now (well almost every state) and the reslae value on a new 250 by the time you get around to selling it will be worth naff all.

    /3 It's a 250, you'll likely get 300k to a tank and probably a 10 lite tank or so, just ride past a servo and you'll get another 10km just frim fumes.

    /4 NFI ask Honda, wouldn't surprise me as bikes are being burnt/created every year by the manufacturers.

    /5 Not worth it on a 250 frankly, just get yourself a disc lock, with or without an alarm still cheap insurance.

    That's my thoughts on the matter, others may well have diff opinions, read it, suck it upm evaluate when all is said and done and make up your own mind from there.
  4. 1. Under 25, greenslip + other third party property damage = about 180+200. Go third party, comprehensive is a waste when the bike is only worth 5 grandish and not a high theft target.

    2. USED. Spent 4-5 grand, get something with 20-30k kms and a some scratches and dents - aesthetic damage means you get something in better mechanical condition for the same price. Don't bother buying new, you'll sell it and lose alot on initial cost + the initial servicing, not to mention that you have to run it in, etc etc. waste of time if you're not unnecessarily wealthy :p

    3) 4L/100kms, expect 220-350 from a tank, depending on how hard you thrash it. Full tank will be 17-20 max

    4) yeah I think so, terrible shame. dont worry though, they're popular and last forever.

    5) too much, dont bother. garage it if you can, and get a disc lock. the scratches + dents will be great security
  5. Thanks for the advice

    i was leaning towards the second hand market due to the potential dropage factor but my mate has had a horror run of second hand bikes
    and it has pretty much convinced me on a few things

    1) sport/race bikes cost allot of money if you drop them
    2) Every learner has a cbr250......or around my area (Dandenong)
    3) Thieves love cbr250s and if you ever do get it back it will probrably be stripped
  6. So get a vtr, thieves are usually idiots, and thus go for stuff that looks futuristic and shiny.
  7. haha i like how everyone says it will basically cost you 2 arms to legs and your first born BS

    when i got my learners i was 22 on a brand new gs500f, cost more then a vtr250
    full comp insurance cost me $550, no marks on my license in the 3 years before hand

    if you have a clean record there is no reason your insurance won't be sub $400
  8. To give you an idea of what the insurance will be - I'm about the same age (well, ok..a few years older), on my L's and have an 04 VTR and full comp is about $340 - but it will depend on what suburb you live as well. Easiest way to find out is use the online quote gizmos.

    In relation to the new/second hand question, my advice would be to try and find a post 03 VTR (has tacho and 'revised' rear suspension) with lowish K's - I got mine for just over 5k with only 6500km on it and heaps of rego.
  9. you can get online quotes from racv and insuremyride. dealers can give a quote for swann. rating 1 for a car does count. having L's might change the excess though.
    have fun and get oggy knobs.
    PS the kawa gpx250 is cheapish new.
  10. I was in the same situation as you, so, having recently been through all this myself, here's my 2 cents.

    1. about 250-300 for comprehensive: as a beginner, there's every chance you'll drop the bike/come off it (statistically speaking), so the comprehensive does offer some peace of mind there. :)

    2. I'd go used - why buy a new bike when you're likely to get rid of it in due course, and you lose a lot on new bikes when you resell: used bikes, not so much... plus a used bike means you're more likely to tinker with it yourself.

    3. I get about 350km to a tank on my Comet (budget conscious bike, with a fairly big tank) - friends get about 300 out of their VTRs - depends how you ride it too.

    4. Don't think so...

    5. Not worth the money on this kind of bike - a disk lock or similar should be fine - if someone really wants to steal your bike, all they need to do is throw it on the back of a truck/ute.
  11. Are oggy knobs easy to install? They dont look bad when on the bike and could save heaps of cash.
  12. If you want oggys, don't get a GPX :cry:

    Although the front indicators do a good job as substitute oggys :grin:
  13. 1. I pay $360 with Western QBE for fully Comp, covered when licensed, call and ask about learner requirements.
    2. I bought a brand new GPX250 because the used bikes were either ancient, thrashed or sold before I saw the ad.
    3. Average 350k's per 18L tank.
    4. No idea, ask a Honda Dealer - they all know what's going on for next year's range.
    5. Mongoose alarm/immobiliser, with remote start available, around $500-$700, well worth the investment, get a mercury switch, if the bike is bumped, sat on, or stood up, the alarm will go mental.
  14. Heya, just to throw my text into the mix

    1. I was quoted around $360 for a Honda Spada (VT250L) - same class of bike but much older. Shop around.

    2. Used makes more sense for something you are going to learn on.

    3. I used to routinely get around 22km per litre on the Spada (commuter riding, fat bastard) but sometimes got close to 27km/L on the open road. Bear in mind that the VTR250 has an 11L tank (9+2 reserve) when planning journeys.

    4. Honda is discontinuing a number of bikes next year. The VTR1000 and the CBR1100 are the two I know of. Haven't heard anything about the VTR250 but wouldn't be suprised. If its the parts side of things you are worried about, they should be in service for years. The VT250 engine has been manufactured with little or no change since 1983.

    5. I think a better option is just to get a decent disk lock, maybe with an alarm.
  15. i ride a VTR250, so i can help u out with a few Qs...

    1)im male, 20, no car licence (only Ls) and full comp for me was $550. im now expecting around around $600 due to a crash im claiming. so yours should be sub around $400 i'd reckon. bloody good IMO.

    2)suggest used but in good nick. as said, suggest '03 or newer, has tacho n better suspension. u will lose alot on resale of a new bike, but if u get a good deal, then dont do any damage or too many kms, you can sell for same/possibly higher price if u bought used.

    3)i fill up around 11L i think, every 280km. this is before i hit reserve, i really should find out where reserve is one day. you do the maths, im tired :p but its great economy. sh!ts on a car :grin:

    4)No idea. call em? i dont care either. plenty around for parts n everything anyway.

    5)dunno bout legality of keyless start, never really looked into it either. this is your 1st bike, n you'll probably sell it in 2 years or less. bugger keyless :p dont need more than a disc lock. if someone is gonna steal your bike, they just need another big bloke, n a trailer/van. plenty of parts to strip n sell even if u have an imobiliser. disk lock with alarm @ the most?

    by the way, you picked a good bike :grin:
  16. Damn, my bike can barely make 260km with 13L.....
  17. Yeah, the VTR ones are easy to install. You just need a socket wrench and an allen key (sadly not supplied). The instructions aren't brilliant, but there's pictures.

    They look pretty good on (I got the black ones to go with the black frame of the '06 VTR), and at about $150 it'll probably save you money in the long run.

    Of course, if you're a fat bastard like me your legs stick out further than the knobs, so if you drop it and absorb the fall yourself you'll save even more money. Presuming you don't break your leg!

    As for the other stuff...

    1) I'm 26, female, and on my Ls for both bike and car (ie no driver history). And it's a new bike, so my comprehensive insurance was about $800- ouch! All I can say is at least I'm not a male under 25! Yours should be way cheaper.

    2) I have a new '06 VTR250. I chose new mostly because our only local dealer is notoriously dodgy with 2nd hand stuff, and I live too far from civilisation to test-ride anything in the classifieds. If you live near the city I'd suggest trying a few '03+ 2nd hand bikes before you resign yourself to forking out the 8 Grand for a new one.

    3) Most I've paid to totally fill the tank is $17 and that was for premium unleaded. My fuel economy's not great (she's still being worn-in), but I get about 200km per tank. I've heard of VTRs getting anything up to 400km.

    4) Hope not- they're great bikes.

    5) No idea. I have a Xena disk lock with an alarm (and no right ear drum- 5 seconds warning my arse!). Cost me $30. I can see my bike out the window at work, so I figure I'm pretty right. I hardly ever bother with anything other than the built-in steering lock, truth be told.