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Couple of nice pics from Black Spur sunday!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by stealthK7, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Myself, rick and adam headed up today, the road was a little green in some places but still much fun was to be had!
    Sorry i didnt invite all you guys, but it was a last minute thing..
    here are some awsom pix of me taken by PRO SHOT PHOTOGRAPHY.
    they do bike stuff..
    i was more than happy with my shots, they make me look good :LOL:
    thought you guys might like a look...


  2. Good pix.

    Just to keep things happy here, could you please observe the 'three pix per post maximum' restriction in future? Thank you :).
  3. #3 DavoDinkum, Aug 2, 2007
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    all u need is them muilti picture frames

    Ghostrider. Eat ya fcuken heart out. [​IMG]

    Gr8 job. [​IMG]

    Even if it makes you look like a ridiculous try-hard bozo? :LOL:

    :LOL: Likewise. (cause I know you'd still kick my ass on the road). :p

    $US36 US Ebay Item number: 180145536741

    Kawasaki ZX10R TRE Plug in Horsepower

    Kawasaki ZX10R sportbikes have electronic circuitry which reduces the
    horsepower in the first four gears by retarding the ignition timing. Simply
    plugging the TRE (Timing Retard Eliminator)in will unleash the horsepower
    your bike has been missing and will eliminate the hesitation / stumble
    when you get off then back on the throttle at slower speeds and at lower

    Since this unit addresses the ignition curve and a Power Commander
    addresses the fuel curve the two will work fine together. For this reason
    this is a must have performance upgrade. This TRE will work on the
    2006-07 Kawasaki ZX10R models: The TRE comes complete with
    installation instructions with pictures. No cutting or splicing wires since this
    unit is designed to plug directly into your bikes oem electrical connector.

    Since we use only the highest quality components to manufacture this
    product we offer a 4 year warranty. Which means that if this product fails
    within that period we will exchange it free of charge!!

    Cheers Shane,

    Cheers Kish.

    Not bad for 12mths riding Roost, but regardless of how long he has or
    hasent been riding, those hanging off pix will always get others bagging
    it; moreso if its a newbie to NR. [​IMG]

    Many of us here probably do it, but no one will ever post a pic of themselves
    actually doing it. [​IMG]

    Anyways they are still great photos. My fav is the 1st one, & No3 wouldve
    also been a top shot if the wheels werent cut out of shot.


    fcuken oath Jack.

    Don't you worry.

    I checked em all out when the link for ya site was first put up!

    Nice pix. [​IMG]

    Once you get to know the crew here, will be good 2C some NR pix go
    up here. [​IMG]

    Looks like it eh [​IMG]

    Didnt take it as that either bud. We on the same wavelength. :cool:

    & good on him. [​IMG]

    Jack, I've got fcuk-all cept for link below :roll: so its good you registered.
    This summer you can take some for me.. free of charge of course! [​IMG]

    Havent done much riding in the Dandenongs/Spur either. Been there maybe
    a handful of times in 2.5yrs. Most of my riding has been in the city :oops:

    Its not that anyone doesnt like it Jack. Far from it. Its just photos people hang
    shit on thats all. [​IMG]


    There are threads about.. here & there. Just gotta dig outta the grave thats
    all. [​IMG]

    There are quite a few vids here of various NR's. Most of em buried deep
    again, & as you'll see, majority (99.9%) of em filmed by Flux, who you been
    talking too in this thread.

    Come summer I guess we'll be seeing more uploads.

    *No idea if clips still on-line. I'm only giving you thread links*

    This is Flux himself at the Spur on his R1. [​IMG]


    In the same thread..

    Paulie = Gixxersrule


    Gixxersrule & yours truelly. [​IMG]


    Flux again.



    If you wanna read 10 pages of knee down. Pleeeease dont post
    in the thread. :LOL:

    Spur action. Flux again.











    Flux doing 354km/h :shock:
    You gotta see this one!

    Maan, thats enough digging. See how you go. :LOL:

    <post removed>

    UNO theres nothing wrong with yours. Stop being humble. [​IMG]

    If all goes well, I'll do a Spur clip this Summer. I'm going to practise first
    so you don't piss yaself too much. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Will be squiding it as usual - jeans n T-shirt. Good excuse for not being
    able to drop the knee. [​IMG]

    Nah dood. I got plenty to go before I'm half as decent as the guys I
    wanna ride like. I push myself pretty hard but thing thats held me back
    is insufficient time on the roads. Got my learners 1yr 7mths ago now &
    of that time, Ive been off the roads for 9mth of it.

    Which reminds me..

    [​IMG] Got ya notice the other night. Thats a goer [​IMG]

    Lookin forward to catching up with you in person again bud. [​IMG]

    Ratty https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=523374&highlight=#523374
    is handy with the cam bud. Been clicking away as long as I can remember,
    & a gun rider as well. Got quite a few of his clips as well. :grin:

    His album: Paul Harper's Library

    He met me once to go for a ride. He got so far ahead of me & I was trying
    so hard to keep touch with the bastard that I hadnt noticed I started following
    someone else. [​IMG]

    I got lost. I'll never forget that.

    You can imagine how suprised everyone was when some fella pulled up at
    some shops in the mountains. I pull up next to him. We both take off our
    helmets & its not bloody Ratty. [​IMG]

    Only his lids was same colour as Ratties. I said 'oh shit!' & told him what had
    So we spent the rest of the day riding together. [​IMG]

    Haha.. no worries. [​IMG]

    Well you did better than me then. [​IMG]

    Thats fine with me Scheff. Thats how I like it.

    Knee-down action at the Spur Jack. :grin:
    Clip provided courtesy of Flux.


    Pick of the bunch.. :)


    Oh shit! Sorry bout that Jake. :LOL: :oops:

    I like that one matey.

    Nice bitta road, & a nice ride.

    I'd like to ride with you but you'll have to slow down
    abit. I'm not in the same league.. yet!

    2nd vid: Nice car & sound. :grin: @ overtaking the 2-fiddy.

    More of Ratty pix taken @ the Spur:




    <post moved to correct thread>

    :LOL: :LOL: Chef/Flux

    "Your Honour, can I now take this fool called a policeman back to the
    Spur & drag the fcuker by the knees to show him why we need em? C'mon
    Your Honour. He has wasted both your time & more importantly; mine."


    Perfection: Blackprince

    Does that mean you not up to speed on the Spur yet; compared to your
    R1 clip?

    Following Steve.

    Watch him taking the right hander at end of clip. :LOL:



    Cheers Stewy. :)

    (You'll be back to your old by Summer) :cool:

    End of Jan CJ, so still got ages to go. [​IMG]

    The other night I went to the garage & hopped on her for the first time,
    warmed her up, took her off the stand & let rip until the rear tyre popped. [​IMG]

    Cycling is going good bud. Used to get off at the same 3 points to walk &
    have got it down to one now. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] the leathers. [​IMG]

    Actually that reminds me of something Haggis, & an appropriate thread to
    remind me as well. :LOL:

    I registered for a motorcycle forum the other day out of interest after I
    came across it from clicking on an NR paid advert, & got knocked back due
    to my lack of wearing safety gear AND for riding too slow.



    Thats gold! [​IMG]

    You also do realise no one was talking about speed :roll:

    Especially for the noobs who make a habit of taking a tumble there. [​IMG]

    Bottom line is dude; you & whoeva know jack shit about what I do, how I do it,
    what I like, what I don't, what I need & don't need.

    & until you do, you should keep ya 2c for a rainy day and...


    Cheers bud [​IMG]

    I thought so too. [​IMG]

    Last time I'm going to repeat myself:

    Until you know me & what I do, STFU.

    Thats it.

    Impart some knowledge on the f*cker. :LOL:

    Pleasure Wedge :LOL:

    I've given you 15 mins worth of fame for the 2 cents of crap you had. [​IMG]
    Thats more than enough. (I dont need your good luck. I make my own) [​IMG]

    * Back to normal viewing folks *

    What the fella has said here has nothing to do with anything said by
    myself in previous posts.

    Yes I do get it. Trust me Stookie.

    However I reserve the right to reply to someone who has no idea what they
    are talking about. I will NEVER let someone talk shit about myself nor any
    of my mates & brothers without saying something. Pls understand that.

    Nothing to do with me.

    Incorrect on two accounts.

    1. Self-confessed professional? Bullshit. Where have I said that.

    I've been on the roads 18mths, if that. Yes I have said others have commented that
    I handle a bike OK for someone with my experience, but thats not saying I'm a professional.
    Far from it, & I've said that many times as well.

    2. Got done outside a school? Bullshit. Go read the thread again instead
    of making up stories.

    Do I have kids? WTF has that got to do with anything. Go read the threads
    for your answer. :p

    Do so when you know what ya talking about Stookie. :wink:

    * Back to normal viewing folks *

    I missed your attempt there Rob. :LOL: :LOL:


    :LOL: Stookie.

    you got it in one brother. its all good.

    catch up with you & the mrs again sometime.

    [​IMG] I'm not biting Wedge.

    I'm simply going to bid my time until I catch up with the indian at the roadhouse.

    Tell me about it. :roll:

    I'm outta pix dude. :LOL:

    Hey, at least you tried bud. :grin:

    I just ordered myself a tank mount so I'll be raring to get my first
    Spur vid done when I'm riding again.


    Pretty close to the centre line on some of those right handers.

    Sorry to mention it but I'm viewing these vids out of curiosity and couldn't help but notice it.

    +1 I.A.V :grin:

    Waaay to close. Thats why I mentioned it. :wink:

    Thats on the R1 yeh? Sounds like it anyways. Dont remember seeing
    that one.

    How do I save the dam thing to PC?

    Cheers mate. :)

    <post withdrawn>

    ? Vs ?

    :p Ya mate, stealthK7's fault. He started the thread. [​IMG]

    Where hes been anyways? Scared & done a runner already?

    I'm not that impressed, if thats what ya asking Angad. They're not
    being used.

    Take photos of yet another spill so I can see em being used & ask then.

    Last time I checked (which was awhile ago now) I saw I x suit,
    3 x jackets, 1 x vest, 1 x boots.

    Feel free to buy me more!

    I can have fun whether I'm fully kitted up or in jeans & singlet. :grin:


    We'll catch up at the Spur (or Monash Uni) for some. I may even buy
    another curry flavoured cake for you to munch on if you be a good lil
    boy Angad :)












    [​IMG] Ratty!

    Hey whos that? Franky?



    Haven't seen that kinda shot on here before. [​IMG]

    Bunch of talented Mofo's you lot.

    Luvin the thread/pix. [​IMG]


    Remember? :LOL:

    Spur pics.

    modded - Dazza multiple Pics

    I knew those pictures looked familar.

    Yeh I know. :LOL:

    Ratty gave me the pix & video of it ages ago. Y you think I asked him
    if he still remembered. [​IMG]

    Still many here who havent seen those Spur pix regardless of how
    long ago they were taken.


    Photos removed as requested IM.

    Yo Ratty

    What happened to the pigspotters? :LOL:



    Had thoughts of asking for em back again? :grin:

    Ones like yours used to be readily available round the
    $US100 mark.


    Now alot of the people who use to sell no longer do so & have
    replaced em with a version I'm not interested in.


    When you reckon the upgrade will happen? Next 12mths or so?

    :cool: :cool:

    BTW wheres ya sis been? Havent seen her for awhile now.

    Nice one Stewy..

    & I still havent gotten our arrangement. Soon as I get the ride, we'll
    arrange for you to take her for the day.
  4. Does it come any blacker?
  5. Nice pictures but i can't tell, Does that right knee slider look unused?
  6. *chuckles*

    All knee, no lean angle? :LOL:

    Still, the photos are excellent! Didn't realise you could get that far off the bike! :wink:
  7. it looks as though your about to jump off that bike :LOL:
    anywayz i like your gear, looks sweet
  8. Whats the deal with the paint job on the bike? Looks like a K7 Gixxer but with matte paint? Something you did yourself? Looks nuts!
  9. Cool looking pics........

    By the way is that a full suit or is it a 2pce?

    Really like the look of it and I am in the market for a new jacket......

    Wear did you get it and how much if you dont mind me asking?

  10. Yea love the paintjob on yer bike! Want mine like that!
    Or is that just no stickers on it and lighting conditions?

    A* tz-1 suit?

    OH and where can we view the rest of your pics?
  11. Call me an idiot but isnt this suppose to be in multimedia :!: ?

    Unreal pix dude, lookin real tuff :p . Sweet TZ-1 jacket with zip in pants. I got the jacket but I just need the pants.
  12. So is it a 1pce or 2pce....?

    Confused by 2 different answers
  13. Since I don't think I'm going to get an answer anytime soon I'll just keep guessing.

    The bike looks hot because there are no stickers, has a tinted screen and it's an overcast day making the bike look uniformly black.

    Looks like the crash knob you have on your bike required you to put a hole in the fairing. Shame as the oggy knobbs have a bracket so you don't need cut holes.

    I want to got there now!
    On my only weekend off for a month, it will be raining! And on my other days off it's been raining too :(

  14. I see the red door and I want it to paint it black......
  15. hot dude. what boot do you wear?
  16. Sounds like a verse from a song.
    What's the name? From the seventies I think.
  17. Rolling Stones, Paint it Black
  18. Rolling Stones, Paint It Black...60's me thinks.
  19. Showing your age CJ.... (and I think your right about the album) :p
  20. The album was called Aftermath........ the song is called Paint it black