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Couple of Maintanance Questions from a noob

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by sonicbaz, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Just wanting to do an oil change, have the manual and it says drain all the oil out and then install the drain plug with gasket and tighten to specified torque......

    What does specified torque mean? I can't see any reference to it. (Can't I just tighten it up?) :roll:

    The other question I've got. Can I take my bike to carlovers and do a clean using the manual cleaning system there?

    Cheers bigears.

  2. When it feels firm give it a quarter turn more and you'll be ok :grin:
  3. I was my bike at the "CarLovers" style places with the high pressure hoses and it works a treat.

    Just make sure to re-lube your chain once you have washed the bike.

  4. Great guys thanks. Actually how long does it take to drain the oil from the bike?

  5. it takes until the oil stops coming out. Works better if the engine is warm before you start - but then be careful taking the sump plug out not to burn your hand.
  6. It's good to have a container that measures how much you have drained out as well, so it's easier to judge how much to put back in, puting in small increments 'till you get it full.

    It is important to refill in small increments since it's very annoying if you overfill.

    If you do overfill don't go draining the oil out straight away, start the bike up for a couple of minutes and recheck the level after it's been turned off for a couple of minutes.

    Some people put in normal car oil but it's worth while in the long run using the specified oil in the manual.


    Since you're changing oil this is what I usually check at the same time:

    * Air filter -> Should only really be changed once a year but since it's very important check that it's clean and replace if needed.

    * Spark plugs -> I've only checked this if I'm bored or if something feels wrong with the bike. If the bike is running fine I usually leave this alone.

    * Chain and sproket -> Clean and lube.
  7. I couldn't get the oil bolt off.... :shock: :oops:

    Run Forest Run!
  8. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    You know you have to use tools right, not just your hands.
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  10. Just be aware, specified torque means how tightly you can screw things in safely before you risk damaging the thread and rooting the entire bike. :shock: Service manuals should have that info

    Torque wrenches are the implement of choice :wink:
  11. I wouldn't be using a high pressure cleaner.
    I understand that those things can get water & detergent inside wheel bearings, which is not nice.
    Keep them away from electrics, too.
    I find that going over the bike witb a sponge and a bucket of warm water with some carwash in it gives a good result, is relaxing, and provides a chance to give the machine a close inspection. Rinse with a gentle spray and go for a ride to dry it off.
  12. Pressure cleaners are OK if used with common sense (isn't everything?)

    Mines got (like most) an adjustable nozzle, I turn it to the wider spray and very little damage will be done, only turn to the high force "jet" for things like chain guard, rims etc.

    Having said that, you get a much better result from a hand wash.