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Couple of Changes to the ST

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Scumbag, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Whilst having my ST in for its 100 000 km service today, I am also getting a lightened flywheel installed, the airbox modded and the cams dialed to the correct factory specifications.
    I will let you know what I find when all the work is completed.
    Should be interesting.
    :grin: :grin: :grin:

  2. I thought you might get that clutch fixed while you're at it.... :grin:
  3. Definately post what results and what you get from airbox mods... currently doing similair to my little bike, replacing standard filter with pods...
  4. What would you expect from a lightened flywheel? Quicker revving? More or less engine braking? Will it be easier or harder to maintain a constant speed? What are your expectations Scummy - so we can then see how the mod matches up to them.
  5. What I expect.
    Flywheel, engine to spin up quicker and drop revs quicker. Hoping to get a little more engine braking off it as well as the quicker pick up.
    It will more than likely be harder to hold a set speed but from what the tech is saying that will not be that different.
    cam dialing. have the cams set to the correct parameters, Ducati are a little haphazard to the setting from the factory. This should give me more rideablity as they will be set to the right values and opening and closing intervals.
    airbox. I should get more airflow to the throttle bodies and also match with the after market chip that I have had for ages.
    as to actual horsepower increase I cannot say. The techs think it could be worth 5 at the crank but cannot be certain.
    I am just interested to find out how it will effect the bikes temperament. It is quite lazy at the moment. If it becomes more intense then I will be happy with the mods.
  6. Quick update. Just been handed the old and new flywheels. The old one is about 2 and a half times heavier than the new one.
    The new will spin up and drop revs quicker. So I will have more engine braking.
  7. Further update.
    I need to get a set of adjustable cam pulleys. It makes the dialing of the cams a lot simpler and more accurate.
    We will be setting the cams slightly advanced from the current position which is 111.5 degrees. They will be set to 108. As the bike is a two valve you can only set the one setting. If it was a 4 valve then you could set exhaust as well.
    From what my tech was saying it will be stronger and more efficient through the midrange and that is where I ride the bike anyway.
    I have ordered a set from Vee Two in Perth. Hoping to see them tomorrow. Then the bike can be finished.
  8. Nice to see you waited 100,000km before making these mods. If you do 100,000km now you can probably make a fair comparison. :LOL:

  9. I had to make sure the bike was completely run in didnt I :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. I await the results of the cam timing changes with interest ...
  11. Another update.
    Bike is basically back together and out on a test ride.
    Initial impressions of the work. Motor spins up a lot faster. Much quicker revving and responsive to throttle.
    I have not ridden it yet (should be able to take it home tonight) so will have to wait for more insights on it later.
    The sound of it is different. Slightly harder edged and with a little more bass. Not that it needed any more of that.
    Standby for more infomation as I get to ride the old girl again.
  12. 10... 9 .... 8 .... 7 ....6 .... 5 .... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1....

    Scumbag takes off!

    *watching said changes with interest*

    Scumbag, how many mods to the trusted steed now??
  13. Right I have the bike back in my evil clutches.
    First impressions. (from the commute home 35 km)
    Noise. it is louder and sounds more angry. The mod to the airbox has increased the noise it makes. You get on the gas and you can hear the air screaming in agony as the pistons say give me more and more.
    I really like the sound it makes.
    Throttle response. I have ridden a lot of expensive bikes in the last 12 months and what has always impressed me was the way their engines responded to the amount of throttle twisted. Mine is now in this league. You touch the throttle and the engine just responds with an eagerness that was not there before. Any gear.
    I can now pull a higher gear and the bike pulls away with none of the jerkiness that I would have felt before. It vibrates less (but sounds better)
    Now for the one most people will ask me, does it make more power.
    To quantify this I would need a dyno before and after. I did not do this. I have made the mods to improve rideability. But it feels as though it makes more power. I now have to be more restrained in the throttle hand in first gear take offs or the front wheel is looking at the sky. If you hit a road zit in 2nd gear and on the power up it comes again.
    There is a little hump near my home that before if I slipped the clutch and got on the gas in 2nd the front would lift a little. Last night all I did was open it up in 2nd and up it came.
    It is an easier bike to ride because you can feel the power come on earlier.
    This is a result of the cam timing. I can explain in more detail if you want me to at a coffee night.
    I still have not worked out what this has cost me in total, I will find out later today.

    I was asked by the tech if I was happy with the change. I told him by the time I got home I was giggling like a school girl. Only a few bikes have made me do this and for my old ST to do it I am extremely happy.

    No aplogies made for long post
  14. Fantastic mate! A well conceived bike modification, don't see too many of those round here ;)
  15. So how much has that lot set you back? Mods are never measured in what they cost but what they deliver but it might encourage/discourage others to do the same once the price is factored in. I understand if you don't want to disclose. :grin:
  16. Bear in mind I work in a bike store and get the labour and parts at reduced rates.
    I can quote normal retail for you though if that is easier.
    20, 000 service 2 Valve watercooled Ducati, $1100.00
    Lightened flywheel RRP $440.00 instal $270.00 (approx 3 hours)
    Adjustable cam pulleys RRP $265.00
    Dial cams approx $ 540.00 (6 hours)
    These prices reflect to get the individual jobs done. If all done at once the labour will be a lot less.
    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  17. Cheers :grin: