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Couple Intro

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Seth clan, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Hi All! Been posting and reading through the many fantastic and very helpful threads on this forum, so I thought before it gets too late I should introduce myself and Hubby.

    This is actually his forum account but I tend to get "into" forums more than he does so here I am :p

    We're from the Western suburbs of Sydney. Mr's 28 going for his Pre-Learner's this weekend. We've already bought all his gear and bike (2010 SE Ninja) so all he needs is a license :D

    I on the other hand is a newly interested rider, at 27 maybe starting a bit old but thanks to this forum it has really made me want to get into the whole riding experience so I've recently booked in for the start of December for my Pre-Learner's.

    Unlike Mr I'm planning to buy a 2nd hand bike, I'm quite small at 150cm (approx) and 45kg so I need to thoroughly research for a bike that I can ride flat foot and light enough for me to be able to hold up at lights etc.

    Looking forward to meeting some great people through this new endeavor/hobby of ours.
  2. Welcome. There's a couple on here that joined last week that are from sydney looking for couples to ride with, Joyce I believe, I'll link later.

    As for flat footing, its over rated, but there are plenty of threads on here from short riders to other short riders asking for solutions and bike advice etc.

    Good luck with the course's and welcome to riding, you won't look back, guaranteed.

    Edit: https://netrider.net.au/forums/member.php?u=30363

  3. best wishes for both your licenses....it's an wonderful you can share your hobbies with your partners, i know a few mates that wish their partners where more into bikes

    oh and welcome to the boards

    Cheers stewy
  4. Hi Seth Clan
    i'm looking for couples who go ridding together. We're from sydney. let me know if you guys are keen in ridding with us.
  5. gday Mr's 28 and Mr I'm planning to buy a 2nd hand bike Seth Clan, i think u would be best on a cruiser like a virago or similar due to your height , if cruisers dont float your boat, have a look at the new Yamaha 125's or Honda 125's that just came out, the yamaha is an actual R6 lookalike, enjoy the new life :)
  6. Why do you want to get rid of them? You just met them!!!
  7. lol your on the ball smee
  8. ](*,) OMG...!!! Arrggghhh... you caught me again?! what the hack... i just got rid of the "D" on my keyboard now. its officially replaced with a "T" instead - now it'll be ritting...:-s ?
  9. Thanks All for the warm welcome...minus Joyce ofcourse that wants to get rid of us already :LOL: (jk).

    Joyce - Would love to I'll PM you to arrange details.

    Goz - Thanks for the recommendations for bikes. That's what Mr was recommending a 125 due to weight, was looking at the Aprilia RS125 and I've looked at the other vertically challenged threads too :p so I'll definitely be needing alot of help with bike recs.

    Joyce - Would love to I'll PM you to arrange details.

    Will let you know how we both go. I've never personally ridden a bike before so bit nervous.
  10. Hi Seth clan. We are a couple who ride together around SE Qld. I started out a year and a half ago after getting sick of seeing nothing but hubbys big blue helmet when riding pillion. Anyway, I began on a Virago 250cc and upgraded to a Virago 1100 this year. I am 5 foot 1 and find they are a great height for shorties (and they come in lots of colours too!)
  11. :-s sorry... it's never my intention to get rid of you guys... the more riders the better it is. You will be fine... when you go for your L's. I'm positive...

    *i'll be waiting for the good news... :rolleyes:
  12. ^Thanks Joyce!

    Ametha, how are you finding the weight of the bike? I was told that the weight of the bike isn't a major consideration so long as it doesn't fall past a certain angle but I still want to ensure my feet are flat on the ground and that it not be too heavy, just whilst I'm learning at the very least :LOL:

    Thanks all for the warm welcome :D
  13. I was concern about the weight of the bike when i first started as well... but it's not an issue at all... hmmm.... unless you plan to drop your bike heaps of times...:-s i remembered those 2 times when i dropped my bike, i was by myself... and i had to pick up that thing... Gosh... i thought that i arms got detached from my shoulder when i was trying to pick it back up... and whats worst is that, instead of picking it up i was dragging it in circles...it took me a good half an hour to get it back up again....:cry: needn't worry about asking how my bike look... i guess you can imagine...

    I guess touching the ground is one of the main issue i had but after awhile i sorta got used to the height and had my own ways. I couldn't lower my first bike CBR125, went to heaps of places to enquire, seems like no one is interested in lowering it and there's no lowering kit for it. in the end i had to lower the front where the handle bars sits. that helped a little, but as i ride, i go used to it and had my own ways of keeping my bike upright when i come to a stand still.
  14. Seth clan - at first I was really put off by the weight because it is 130kg heavier than the first bike I had. I found that when we lowered the seat right down and I could touch with both feet flat on the ground, it helped tremendously. It only took a day or so to get used to the weight when going round twisties etc but I had a year and 10,000 klms on a smaller bike first tho. I find the worst thing is reverse parking and just manouvering it around, other than that, no problem and Im not a very strong girl at all.
  15. [
    Goz - Thanks for the recommendations for bikes. That's what Mr was recommending a 125 due to weight, was looking at the Aprilia RS125 and I've looked at the other vertically challenged threads too :p so I'll definitely be needing alot of help with bike recs.

    Don't get a 125 .My wife has a GPX 250 due to her lack af tallness and her dodge hip (she is a nanna ) If your'e into cruisers can't go past a verago ,thats what her 60yr old mate rides.You recon you are starting to ride late they both got there licences last year but my missus is only 45.=D>
  16. ^Love it, it seems I'm not too old to start then :LOL:

    I've been speaking to a few people that ride and many ride 300kg bikes and they're not that big, I think that after riding for awhile there's really no need for it to be light as you won't intend to drop it and after all, you don't really need it to go past the angle off putting the stand on.

    I was looking into the Aprilia RS125 but it's not on the RTA list, is it banned? I figured because it's a 125 it'd be right but it's not there.

    I have read some threads regarding shorties and it seems that the consensus are the Virago, ZZX250, GPX250 for starters and shorties along with the CBR. Yet to still try any. I've only ever been on a Ninja. I guess 125's aren't as good then, thought it'd be good cos it's light.
  17. With the heavier bikes, once you get fully used to the actual weight, you dont think about it anymore because it is no longer an issue. Also, I began riding at 50, wish I had started when I was in my 20's (if only....sigh.....)
  18. Yeah I was actually told that with experience the weight wouldn't matter, as after all there's really no reason to angle it further than the stand.

    Being 27 I do wish I had started sooner :(
  19. Hi Everyone! Passed my day 2 of Pre-Learner's yesterday and did my computer knowledge test today so I'm now the proud owner of a Rider's Learner license :D

    Got my 2007 GPX250 on Saturday for $4500 immaculate condition with 2300 k's and a few months warranty left.

    Mr also passed his Learner's about two weeks before I did.