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Couple bike related videos

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by MadDog, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Came across these 2 videos. They have probably done the rounds already but here they are anyway. One of them is slightly funny the other not so much

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  2. You're right MD, the first one is a bit of a chuckle! Loved it when the bike first shot through up the inside. Those two bikers are soon to be statistics if they carry on riding so poorly.

    The second one was on the news and is discussed on another thread here somewhere.
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  3. I thought it might have been...oh well
  4. Lol, I showed the first one to my business partner, he said 'what is that dick doing?'......................... then pissed himself when the bike shot through!
  5. yes excellent cornering skills, a credit to all motorcyclists :grumpy:
    *Edit* I meant the first video
  6. Those two in the first video need to have their licences revoked......what the hell.
  7. yep seen 'em
  8. just added morons in red leather to my list of things to watch out for,.
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  9. You just have to love the TT

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  10. Oh lordy!

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  12. Nut jobs, all of 'em. Love it.
  13. I don't have the level of irresponsibility required to do that - but I surely do get why they do that.
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