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Coupla dirty bikes

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Roarin, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Wandered over to the local MX track yesterday. A couple of the boys started posing. Ha ha.

  2. Love that first pic Roarin.

    Gotta get myself a dirt bike one of these days.
  3. Nice pics but try cropping them they will come up much better.
    What you have at the moment are photos of farmers paddocks with a motorcycle in the middle. What you want is a photo of a motorcycle going over a jump.
  4. One day, I will own a dirt bike or several. That is a promise I have made.

    As for the photo's I really like the first one, because rather than just a bike over a jump, the wide background establishes the environment and free riding nature of dirt bikes.
  5. Nice shots..I'd crop them too,just to tighten up on the action.
    It's a personal thing though..I like the open background,it's different from the busy background if the shot was taken at a large competition.
  6. i'd try something totally different...

    not many people do it, and makes it very unique :)

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  7. or you could try this

  8. To be perfectly honest, I was just trying out my new 15-85 lens. If I were trying to inspect the riders nose hair, I would have used the 55-250.
    And I did try cropping a couple of the pictures, but to me they just looked meh. They were taken in a gully where the ground is sloping in all directions, so when they were cropped they just looked plain wrong. I just happened to like the open spacious look as well. But that's just me :)
    I think they also need a touch more shutter speed 'cause if you zoom real close there is a little bit of motion blur. I think. Or I'm just a c#nt of a photographer. He he he.
  9. I like to see blur on things in motion ,it gives that feel of speed and action.But on the other hand a crisp second of frozen time is magical.That's why I love photography..what makes a good shot is a subjective thing.
  10. Nah, you got the 'peak of action', and that's what you're lookin for in sport photography, motion blur or no. Nice ones!
  11. Shot a few more this arvo



  12. And one more for good luck :) Or just because I can.


    Okay, I lied. One for the crop freaks

  13. nice shots mate
  14. They are awesome shots! I am also a fan of the wide open, non-cropped pics!
    Have never really been into dirt bikes, but am starting to open my mind a bit.
    You pics have taken my interest up a few more notches!!
  15. nice work mate!

    i too enjoy the open background.

    i really need to get me a dirt bike... and i really need to get out more with my camera :D
  16. Nice shots, but this brings back memories ... I wish I still had my CR125 ... and the fun we had together.