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[Country Vic] Speed trap locations

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. Get onto google and put up a link for an OUT OF METRO location where you know the road is TMU patrolled or you know first hand of a speeding infringement. Don't worry about main multi lane highways like Calder, Sth Gippsland etc...

    I'll start <- Patrolled byCorio TMU

    Safety NR's, feel free to object or dissent, but I'd be happier if you did that in a separate thread where the pros and cons of of this sort of information can be had... just be sure you're not arguing against very popular sites like trapster and similar. Thanks.

  2. Nice one Robbie. I'll come back and edit this when I think of a few
  3. Any other takers?!
  4. Calder freeway between Gisborne and Hanging rock turn off is littered with the c---s hiding spots.

    Unless it's been raining really hard, then the pigs can't get out of the mud :LOL:
  5. they also have the radars that can get you from 1km out
  6. arhh. How do you create multiple points in google without creating "directions"? I can tag quite a few hot spots in East Gippsland..
  7. Jacks, we'd love to see those spots - especially if you know where they're proposing to go camo cop.

    Stewy, yep it'd be good to know of roads that are on the patrolling hit list.
  8. all hwy patrols have them fitted now, that is why i said it, so any straight section of road is now a dollar collecting section.....guess the government finally figured out how to make money grows on trees

    or maybe you could say they are cra$hing in on on motorists
  9. <a href=“http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Princes+Hwy&daddr=Dargo+Rd+to:-37.820904,147.498665+to:Lower+Goon+Nure+Rd+to:princes+Hwy+to:princes+Hwy+to:Great+Alpine+Rd+to:Nowa+Nowa+Rd+to:Simms+Rd+to:Great+Alpine+Rd+to:paynesville+Rd&hl=en&geocode=Fcqivf0d6kTICA%3BFdFOv_0dcK_ICA%3B%3BFXG6vP0deHvLCA%3BFazavv0dTJTNCA%3BFX_1vv0dBpjOCA%3BFeu5v_0dDKvNCA%3BFd6zwP0dHhrTCA%3BFXrgvv0dcVHPCA%3BFUu_x_0duO3NCA%3BFQ6ovf0dBHjNCA&mra=dme&mrcr=1,2&mrsp=2&sz=12&sll=-37.820362,147.525444&sspn=0.232422,0.528374&ie=UTF8&t=h&ll=-37.590295,147.766113&spn=0.79982,1.282654&z=10”>Oink</a>

    A. Rough approximation. Any self-respecting rider should know Princes hwy between Sale and Bairnsdale is off-limits. Look for a white station wagon by the side of the road.

    B/C. You're almost guaranteed to see a patrol car on the straights near Lindenow.

    D. Car drag races down here regularly raise a lot of revenue.

    E. Exact location where unmarked/marked car sits and books people.

    F. See E. Hides on a dirt road up in the trees next to Stephenson's road turn-off.

    G. I've seen a car pulled up on one of the down hill straights here, but this one is admittedly rare.

    H. Same as G.

    I. Exact location. Hides at top of hill about halfway along the overtaking lane where there is also a turn-off lane.

    J. The cop at swifts creek is notorious for booking people that don't slow down to the speed limit before they go past the sign. A few K over when you're a meter past and he'll get you. Also watch the police bill-board on the straight section. He likes to hide behind it Hollywood style o_0.

    Hope that's the sort of thing you're after. Just hope they don't read this now and change all their spots :\ it's really not as bad as it might look, common sense should tell you to be wary of most of those locations. I can post up some more later if you want, gotta get ready for work now.

    edit - forgot how to activate html code.. sorry, don't have time to figure it out right now
  10. Good idea Rob, but it is probably better handled by a MyMaps option in Google Maps. That way you can annotate, add multiple points. Pictures of where they hide, unmarked car number plates and pictures etc. :)

    These can be shared, not sure if you can have more than one author though.
  11. jacksbowel's map
  12. That's the idea CJVFR.

    Jacks that didn't turn out too well. Hope you can come back an edit, or right click on a spot on the map, click the "what's here" option and that will mark it, then post the individual link.

    Edit: Captain slow has brought it to life. A tour of police hot spots! LMAO! Ok, I like it. We'll make it work later. :)
  13. Stewy while I love your passion what you've posted is in no way relevant to the thread mate, and would be better served being left out of it.

    Hopefully the thread will remain pure and become an invaluable source that may even eventually save your license.

    You've ridden many roads and gone far and wide around Vic and beyond, have you seen any locations that are worth placing on the map for others to watch out for?

    [EDIT] I'll just add this, I was totally against the idea of publishing maps that pointed to good roads in the past, but things have changed to the point where that is no longer as important.
  14. that was my whole point cheffie, in the last yr of riding rarely do i see a cop in same place out in the country, these new radars mean they don't have to sit in place hiding trying to catch speeders the can just drive around looking for traffic....but meh whatever, if you or anyone else thinks it's OT report it and have a mod delete it, i don't care either way, but from my travels i see less and less sitting waiting and more on the prowl hence the warning to not just know the spots
  15. So post where you've seen them prowling. That is also the intent of this thread.

    Fark me, but you've turned into a contrary old man in your old age Stewy!! LMAO!
  16. Melbourne-Lancefield Road between Sunbury and Monegeetta. Usually Sundays
  17. Right, i'm with ya now that makes a lot more sense.

    But I think the idea of the thread is this, there are still some roads we use where we never see them, although it's only going to be a matter of time.

    According to the Gipps Cammo Story, they've flagged they want to find our 'secret' roads, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a heads up of when they do, and how often they're out there. Nobody has confirmed what road/s they are doing or have done their stealth operations on.

    In the meantime, just listing the hotspots is to our advantage. Whether it's a patrol or a trap or they're handing out leaflets. It would be good if contributers nominated which one when they post.

    I still hear of stories of riders getting picked off in the BS even though it's been ongoing for two years and widely publicised, go figure.

    Eventually we could build a map that would become invaluable in trip planning and could save us a lot of grief. It's not fool proof and without it's shortcomings, but it's better than nothing.

    And just to add to you point, the new fangled lasers you speak of are capable of detecting while going around corners, so it's not just the straights you need to watch out for anymore ;)
  18. Map? Please. :)
  19. Ok Guys, I have collated that information, go to link below for a map. Click on any of the little icons for the description of that location.


    I created a new Google Maps account for this, anybody wants the details PM me.

  20. Arrhhhh! I spent half the day at work waiting to tell you all about my brilliant idea of creating a new google account where we could all collaborate on the map, damn you for stealing my thunder!