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Country ride - Tuesday 27/12

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Garido, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. Anyone interested joining me on a ride into the countryside on Tuesday? Planning to go to Marysville via Reefton Spur, on to Eildon and Jamieson. Back either via Eildon again, or Mansfield, Yea, Toolangi, Healesville.

    Want to leave early in the morning. Can meet Ringwood, Croydon or Chirnside Park.

    Cheers, Garido

  2. Me n two mates might be interested, will see what they say.
  3. possibly, will know later on. what time are you planning on leaving?
  4. Was thinking something similar for tomorrow. Was going to go it alone but company is always more fun.
    Do you have a meet time / place in mind?
    I'll be coming out from the city and down the Maroondah HWY
  5. Ok. Sorry for the late reply. We're meeting at 8.30 am at Maccas in Diamond Creek. Plan is to go from there to Eildon via Yea, then on to Jamieson. Might do the Reefton Spur on the way back, but easy about changing directions along the way.

    Send me a txt to 0414 307 209 if you're meeting us in Diamond Creek, and we'll wait for you.

    Cheers, Gerrit
  6. I'm aiming to be there, this will be the last hurrah for my rear tyre !

    leaving at 8:30 ? or meeting at 8:30 ?

    I'm gunna need a coffee.. :)

    EDIT: btw eildon jamieson rd still has a light (invisible )spray of gravel on it ..(two weeks ago)
  7. Im Tipping reefton will be covered in shit after the storms,it was really clean during the week glad i did a run then
  8. ok, i wont be able to make it. have fun and watch out for all the shit on the roads!
  9. Leaving as close to 8.30 as possible. But if you still have to finish that coffee, no probs at all. Should be a great day!
  10. Yeah reefton has been good to me all week, (thursday and Saturday last week)

    Considering it will take me exactly 7 seconds to get from home to the meet point I should be fine !

    Although ... slow marks cafe makes better coffee.... my cup holder is broken !

  11. Lol. So it's a late start for you. Lucky man!
  12. Have fun folks. Rememeber there is also another run to Licola on Wednesday if interested
  13. Hi guys.

    Thanks for coming along to a fantastic day out (apart from the early finish).

    Here are some photos from the day.

    Attached Files: