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CountourHD+ vs HD170 Stealth

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by thermal, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. So I've been looking at getting a helmet cam. I read through most of this thread and decided that even for such a small cost, I'd rather something higher quality and HD. Also, the GoPro isn't discreet enough for a helmet cam and the pov.hd is too bulky on the recorder end of things (not to mention really pricey).

    Really, what I'm asking is if anyone actually has experience using these cameras. I like the size of the contour and the fact that it appears very simple with just a slide switch to operate. However, it is approaching twice the price of the hd170.

    Of specific interest to me is microphone setup, so if you've used one of these as a helmet cam *and* managed to get decent voice recordings, I'd love to hear what you used and how it was rigged.
  2. I only have experience with the GoPro's so can't give you any first hand experience with those two.

    I have spent a lot of time comparing them though and out of the two you mention I really think the Drift is the better device. I think they really have some nice features and the vids I've watched from them are fantastic. I believe they have an input for external mics as well which is nice.

    The GoPros have very good quality sound and from the vids I've watched they do a much better job with bike sounds and dealing with the wind. They pick up voice very nicely as well. I'm at the point where I want some dialogue in my vids and even my nice Panasonic handy cam doesn't have the ability for a remote mic which is a real pain as I simply can't get the quality I'd like for recording voices.

    I'd be really interested in hearing how you go with this.
  3. Yeah, I'm leaning toward the Drift mainly due to price. Will definitely be getting some sort of external mic and whatever I end up getting I will definitely come back to actually post a review.
  4. i have the contour HD 720p. It's had pretty constant use for nearly 2 years or so.

    Only a few complaints;

    * Battery life isn't great. Only about 2-3 hours on a battery.
    * The back cover is held on by a rubber tag which broke within a few months of use. The design isn't great.
    * I'm not convinced they're very water resistant. I find the front lens gets waterlogged if it rains.
    * The built-in mic is rubbish, and there is no option to plug in an external mic unless you're willing to mod yours like I did mine.

    also, a friend's 1080p model freezes randomly while recording making it nearly useless.

    On the plus side, mine has taken fairly constant abuse, recording every day I've been commuting over two years, and still makes good video.

    I'd be looking closely at the drift. It looks like a good unit. I like that it has an external mic connector, and has a remote control.
  5. Well, bit the bullet and ordered the Drift. Once I have a chance to test it out, I'll be back with a review.