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Counting down the hours

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roarin, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. As of 6am tomorrow morning I shall be heading off for a month long hoon fest to New Zealand. Which is in about 18 & 1/2 hours. Or there abouts. On my own bike. Which should be there already. No points can go missing off my licence :LOL: :LOL: I got a christmas bonus that will go some way towards some fines :LOL: :LOL: Hornet -you can pray for fine weather if you feel that way inclined :LOL: So I guess I better think about packing some gear. See you all in about 5 weeks time. Cheers all, ride safe & have fun. Cause I know I will.

  2. Andrew, consider good weather to have been petitioned on your behalf.....
  3. I suggest you be careful about how much Hoon Festing you get upto, you might not loose any points off your licence but I believe they have the Hoon law over there and will confiscate your bike. May I suggest you do some home work when you get there before you get to carried away.
  4. Never fear -I have a mate over there who is sussing it all out for me. And I sort of deliberately left the 180km/hr speed limiter in for this one :LOL: :LOL: Makes it a little bit harder to really go nuts :wink:
  5. Enjoy! It sounds like the trip of a decade..
  6. Have a great time in the land of the long white cloud :grin:
    Give my folks a wave as you pass thro' Wellington if you like :p
    You may get away with a little more over there - but not heaps .....
  7. Sounds like an amazing trip Roarin, enjoy :grin:
  8. Youuuuuuu sonofabitch.

    2 and a half thousand Netriders, all jealous of YOU.

    Carve it up captain, have a great time and come home in one piece!