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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jonesy, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. gday everyone

    been riding for about a fortnight on my new (old) fzr250 done a couple of decent size rides with a few mates what i was finding is on the straights i would stick with them but get left behind on the corners i just couldnt turn sharp enough that is until countersteering was explained to me and then explained again and...

    how is it possible when doing over ten kilometers that if u turn the handlebars left u will go right?
    anyway however it works i feel alot more confident coming into corners now at speed and recommend any new learners to give it ago

  2. That should have been well and truly explained in your L's course. Did you sleep through that part? It will save your skin one day and most likely save you every day.

    BTW Welcome.
  3. ease up tiger i dont think it was emphasized enough or i wouldnt have had to ask a mate which means there is a good chance that other new riders might also be intrested
    is this site here to help,encourage and share views on riding so id appreciate abit of constructive information not talk about sleeping habits
  4. If you truly want to know how it works have a look at:

    Or, use the search function on this site as it has been discussed often, or search google. There are hundreds of sites which talk about how it works (some use generalisations, which is why I pointed out the article above as it gets the physics right).
  5. cheers guys
  6. Counter steering is where you count to three and THEN steer. It helps fix the early turn-in problem that a lot of road riders develop.
  7. :LOL: :LOL: Yea, and don't mind the tree coming straight for you, it will negative counter steer toward the other direction, like the plane separation technics... :bannanabutt:
  8. Arhhh!..now I know why you couldn't miss a wombat! :rofl:
  9. Hi guys,
    There is also an article about it in this fortnights edition of AMCM.
  10. I'm concerned there may be new riders about who don't know about the concept of counter steering when I'm pretty sure it is explained in any riding course. Its a basic fundamental technique that will go a long way to keeping you alive on the road hence my dismay that you got through a training course without any knowledge or understanding of it. It's a part of the VIC test. It wouldn't matter if you didn't know how it worked or the physics behind it. What does matter is you know how to do it.

    As far as trying to keep up with mates in the twisties goes, its a fair bet that they are more experienced than you and should be quicker. Trying to ride at someone elses limits will put you in hospital. Don't expect to be as quick or as competent as someone more experienced. Learn roadcraft first. I may be quicker than some and not as quick as others. If I cant keep up I let them go. No skin of my noise if they order coffee before me.

    You weren't exactly looking for an answer to you question. You already had the solution.
    I hope I have shared my views on riding to your satisfaction?

    I'll ignore your ease up tiger as much as you'll ignore this post. It's a public forum.

    Keep the rubber side down.
  11. counter what?

    Well I must say that l am a slow learner! I went to one riding course and they gave me my L's even tho I couln't turn left! That particular facility actually taught counter steering and stated that even tho we we not being tested on it that we could have a go and it was explained fully.
    The problem was this mental block i just couldn't get past, so I went to another place for some catch up lessons they were saying that they dont teach counter steering until the P's section of the course mainly because its not required! OMG!!! NOT REQUIRED!!!
    I understand that all licencing places have a different way of doing things but there should be some overall consistancy tho.
    I am fortunate that i do know how to counter steer. And as for the private catch ups they are a great way of asking questions and individualising the learning experience at your own pace. I didn't wanna be a stat! So I spent some extra time there.
  12. The whole "counter steering" thing seems to have some mystical significance that people have trouble comprehending. It's just basic physics of the torque reaction with the road surface.

    Damn hard for people to come to grips with, but if you're already staying on the bike at more than about 20kph, then you're already doing it :p

  13. welcome to the forums, but you might like to try the search function at the top of the page
  14. I did my L's about two months ago and the "Concept" of counter steering was kinda explained but only in an off handed kinda way.

    The real method and the why's etc wasn't covered except in a short video. Then we went out and did it for ourselves but again, it wasn't explained again before we got on the bike.

    I think there is a lack of explanation in the courses for such a huge and important technique.

  15. Yeah! All you're doing is steering a fraction of a degree in the opposite direction to force the bike to lean over so the force vectors add up when the bike starts to turn in the direction of the lean and... *pant pant pant*

    Oddly, I always understood the theory (yay physics!), and was used to the feeling from mountainbiking... but the first few times had a bit of trouble convincing myself to forcefully apply -kilograms- of force to the bars at 100kph.

  16. I know when I went for my learners (if I can remember back that far :oops: ) they didn't teach you countersteering until the Probationary testing. :?
  17. and in 1979 they didnt teach it at all.
    All the plod did with me was follow me around the block, got back to the station he said "mate didn't u see that semi" :shock: :shock: "what semi" says me. "Dosent matter "he says, "good luck and open your fukin eyes"

    LOL so with a quick lap of the block i had my P's LOL
    It wasnt untill years later thet i even heard of counter steering.
  18. But you were probably already doing it. Just didnt have a name for it.