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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jimmyjames182, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. I realise that I wasn't taught counter steering in the l's course. I'm in sydney - were other people taught it or does it come up in the p's test?

    Seems crazy they'll let me take a bike on the freeway before I know such a fundamental technique.

    In case you're wondering I learnt if from this site and youtube! Damn, how did they learn to ride before the internet :grin:
  2. I believe its part of the P's test as I wasn't taught this either during my L's - taught myself reading NR threads + allot of practice!
  3. Me neither.

    Though everyone countersteers to some degree, otherwise they'd fall over and never be able to turn.
  4. YOu do not need to counter steer.

    but you do need to know how to counter "BALANCE" wen you do a U-turn

    Counter Steer practice on highway/long empty road..

    what u do is .. GO about 60 and den turn the handle bar left and right then you'll see what it does..

    it'll also help turning into corners.

    For Slow corners jus turn left and right normally. Dont lean too much or you'll fall
  5. It's actually a lot of fun doing this on a pushbike - it still works, even at 10-20k's p/h
  6. I was taught counter steering in the pre-learners course last week at Stay Upright here in the ACT
  7. I dunno about that... what happens at 80+kph, when the dynamic stability of the bike becomes so great that the rider needs to forcefully push on the handlebar to make any sort of decisive turn?

    I think it's important that riders learn that the pressure applied to the handlebars is distinct from the rotation of the handlebars. (At speed, the bike automagically steers its front wheel into the turn even though you're pushing the 'wrong' way)

    Two-wheelers should be thought of as steering by pressure on the handlebars, unlike a car where you rotate the wheel a certain amount for a certain radius turn.
  8. Our instructor explained what what counter steering is and how it works. Push left to go left, right to go right. Although we couldn't really practice it given the speeds we were allowed to go. She also said that if everyone had ridden a push bike then it would come naturally.
  9. I've seen people panic in an emergency situation and in this state they've tried to go one direction to avoid danger but because they were suddenly conscious of the steering they went in the exact wrong direction - so an understanding of it is obviously relevant to some.

    Not taught in my Ls or Ps course, in fact in my Ps test I asked the instructor about it and whether he'd be talking about it in regards to the obstacle avoiding - he said no, he didn't want to confuse the others :LOL:
  10. I did my Ls and Ps within the last 2 years in NSW and there was no mentioning of it at all. I had no mates that rode to mentor me and I wasn't on this forum. I had no idea what countersteering was till I was well off my Ps and I rode (commuted) practically every day on my Ps!!

    As soon as I read about it and put it into practice it pretty much unlocked the door for me! But at the same time I was furious that the courses never taught me what I'd consider a fundamental part of everyday riding...

    I was wondering how come i'd be following a small framed girl on a massive bike and shes gliding through the corners and here i am 90kgs and i'm literally wresting the bike trying to hang off it to make the same corner. ](*,)
  11. What!? :shock:

    Countersteering is one of the FIRST things you should have a good understanding for.
    Fact is...you cannot turn a motorcycle without it...it's just that many riders do it without realizing what it is.
    It's fundimental to riding, and should be fully understood, matey. :)

  12. what i meant was, at your starting stage. bcause of the stability and confident level of self. Dont start jumping steps until you are comfortable with the controls of your ride first =]

    sorry if i miss interpret the saying.

    yes i countersteer alot on highways n such but in the city i dont need to go that fast to use Countersteer or going through a roundabout with one bcoz it is just too dangerous.
  13. +1
    If you ride a bike at anything more than 10km/h you already do counter steer. Obviously without realising it or understanding why which is another matter entirely :wink:

    I guarantee you counter steer through round abouts unless you paddle the bike through and if you do that, give up! :shock:
  14. Do you guys remeber the first "fast" corner on your first pushy ??you where probably 5 years old.
    Thats when you learnt how to counter steer ,you rode all threw your teenage years and never thought twice about it ,you just did it. :cool:

    Now your thinking about it when riding it gets confusing . :?
    I wish I had never heard the term counter steering . :p

    But it does help to practice dodging a rock at 60kph +. :wink:
  15. Counter steer im refering too might be different in my head to urs

    my counter steer is "when u push left hand u go left" push right hand u go Right"

    maybe you're thinking off Counter steer in terms off "Counter balancing?
  17. Yep...that's what we are all talking about..."when u push left hand u go left" etc. Once you are moving at 10-20ks (depending on the bike), you are in fact countersteering to turn your bike...it's unavoidable. Even around roundabouts.
    Counter balancing is completely different and used for very low speed turns, like U-Turns etc. Where you lean in the opposite direction to the turn for increased stabvility. :)
  18. maybe you didn't even read what raven said, even at relatively slow speeds your counter steering whether you realise it or not, there is no jumping steps, countersteering is a vital aspect to all riding not just highway riding. by fighting it your just slowing down your rate of improvement and understanding of how the motorcycle does what it does in every circumstance
  19. Maybe i forgot to say

    Through small Round abouts.. like .. NOT going straight.. like Turning right at a round-a-bout. going at like 5km/h

    yeah i counter steer going Straight through a big Round-a-bout.
  20. You should be on a pushie mate :LOL: