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Countersteering hard corner...Ass position....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by pOint_01, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. hello peoples, i have a question....

    Lets say there is a hard right corner, I push my right arm to countersteer and tip the bike over on its right.... thats okay....but where should my ass be?

    ive watched the pros and they all seems to shift their ass to the right of the seat just before the turn but i cant understand why this is done? doesnt this give a bad centre of gravity?

    thanx in advance!

    - Mike.
  2. Shifting your body mass to the inside of the turn means that the bike doesn't have to lean as much to go around the corner at a certain speed.

    That means you have more tyre available if you have to make the bike turn tighter, and more ground clearance before hard parts begin to drag.

    The body position change is done before the turn so that the bike isn't unsettled mid-corner.
  3. Spots....thats a spot on answer....i finally understand now.....thank you for answering all my questions plus more! now i need to test this theory in peak hour traffic!!!
  4. ...What Spots said...

    ....And what you see on the track is what's needed for the track, or very hi-paced riding...you don't need to shift your body weight THAT much if you are'nt cornering as hard as them...but a body weight shift to the inside of the verticle axis of the bike is pre-requisite for when you start riding through corners with a little pace...For starters, just shift about a 1/2 an arsk-cheek over, or ride slower so that it's not so necessary. :)
  5. hi raven, thats what i plan to do....just shift a little as you speak of, half an ass cheek or so....and maybe get a track bike in the future!
  6. Shifting your arse without leaning your upper body (where most of your weight is carried) towards the inside of the corner wont do much for your cornering lean angle unfortunately. It'll do even less if you lean the upper body the opposite way - this is called being crossed up.

    Speaking of cornering, how's your vision and throttle control?
  7. robsalvv....im thinking the rest of my body will go pretty much where my ass goes? would that be right? like a natural movement?

    as for vision....i wear contact lens....or are you asking where im looking during a turn? im pointing my chin towards the exit of the turn...

    throttle control.....is okay i think......im breaking and downshifting before the turn.....im not 100% sure how much of the engine compression im meant to be relying on but at the moment it feels comfortable and stable!
  8. i say, Ride like a rookie before you jump to the intermediates

    if you want advance stuff please i say the safest is to attend the riding school bcause they teach you a heap load and you remember for life.
  9. paulie, im just asking coz i didnt understand why the pros were in that position not because i was going to do that on george st! :)
  10. The truth is they do it just in case they have a mid-corner moment. It helps keep the seat clean.
  11. Yes....as Rob said...you need to move your upper body across a little bit (so that your shoulders and hips line up)...It won't do anything for your cornering necessarily at sedate speeds, but it will get you into the right state of mind and thinking about where your body is, as you progress.