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Countershaft sprocket seal won't come out

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jeccles, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Hi guys/gals, im replacing the countershaft sprocket seal on my drz400sm and have got everything out except the
    main seal... tried needlenose pliers, trying to lever it out.. even tried screwing into the seal to put a wood screw in and
    still no luck! its driving me crazy.. any help out there? even if anyone can come and help me do it ill pay you. haha thanks

  2. If you can't get it out from the outside, you'll probably have to split the cases and drift it out from the inside.....
  3. Mate I recently did mine and went to supercheap and got a pick set and it came out in 10 seconds. Easy as
  4. Just pouch a flat blade screwdriver thru the seal and pry it out .
    Pretty easy to do.
  5. those look like house-breaking tools to me, bj :LOL:
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  6. It's broken. I'll give you $50 for the lot.
  7. Just be careful poking around where it seats. Score that surface and it will leak forever. The pick set should do the job.
  8. Did you carefully drill a small hole in the seal before screwing the wood screw in and pull the screw with pliers? I have used this method in the past. I only drill a small hole for the screw and drill through the metal part of the seal, which is covered by rubber.
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    Little late but , here is the home made seal remover we use at work. No predrilling just a gentle hammer tap to start the screw and spin it in,
    most time even the smallest of seals come out with one slide, larger seals even less effort.
    Bonus is you don't need to be square on [ good for tight spaces :) ]
    This particular seal replacement by the book is an engine out process and a 2 day job. We have it down to a 5hr turn around doing this way :cool:

    Ps , just in case your curious it's a main input seal on the hydrostat drive on a Bobcat Loader :)

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