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Countering Neil Mitchell etc

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. Can I suggest we add a thread for drivers caught hooning in the media - and use this to counter rider hooning articles.

    It would be handy to see if we are paranoid - maybe there are a serious number MORE articles on hoon driving.

    Lets post all the articles for a period - then tally them up?

    Here in Vic, lets use the yahoo news reports for example.

    here is the first one.

  2. Please, please don't waste your time.

    The few snippets of Neil Mitchell that I heard demonstrate that he has no interest in facts. He asserts that MOST riders are hoons. Given the number of motorcycles registered in Victoria, this is a ridiculous, ludicrous and unjustifiable claim that in any court would reduce the judge almost to tears (of laughter, frustration, or both).

    The man demonstrates no interest in truth, facts, or constructive contributions. You can't get the seconds back that you spend trying to argue with him either directly or be collecting resources. The facts are already out there for all to see, and he chooses not to see them.

    You'll have a more substantive contribution to the motorcycle safety debate by putting your helmet and running headfirst into a brick wall repeatedly until your helmet breaks than by debating with Mitchell and his kin. So IMO, gear up and go for a ride instead - it'll be much more rewarding.
  3. or even better, can smee delete this thread?
  4. Why delete it?
    It is not against the terms and conditions.
    It is a stupid proposal though and I don't believe anyone should engage Mitchell in any form.
    Please learn from the mistakes made.
  5. One sure way is how Bicycle Victoria do it...
    They are a unified organisation that gets results for a group that Mitchell despises as much as motorcyclists...

    He really hates anything on two wheels.
  6. because it's completely unhelpful. Don't think it would be the first time a thread was "moved to holding" outside t&c's.
  7. Why delete it: maybe not, but at least change the thread title! If you don't (yet again) you will be handing him ammunition to use against the Big Bogie, the motorbike rider. If his researchers don't find this thread before Monday and give him yet another reason to say 'bikers are attacking me', I'll go heave.

    We don't need it, nor do we need this thread. IMO.
  8. There is an etc there so it doesn't just ask to target Bitchell does it?
    anyway as I have said it is a stupid idea and will not happen.
  9. It's irrelevant to our situation Pete. I can tell you cars are being targeted too and it's not only us. It just doesn't hold much relevance to us and is more of a distraction than anything beneficial (at present).

    There is no countering Neil Mitchell end of story. He's a waste of space and his momma should be slapped for not swallowing him when she had the chance.

    Mrs Mitchell if you're reading this, I owe you a fvcking slap!