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Counter Strike

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Miss_dj, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Hey peeps,

    Anyone here play Counter Strike???
    ALso, can anyone recommend a good LAN cafe etc for war-ing???

  2. I got it in my steam account (along with Counter Strike –source) but I have not really got into playing it much... BUT I may be interested in a game or 2 with fellow Netrider's
  3. CS...bah that ship sailed long ago.

    There are better HL mods out there, e.g. Day of Defeat, The Specialists and Firearms.
  4. I run one of the top clans on game arena in counterstrike source. I guess that counts.

    You really need to have access to broadband at home IMHO.
  5. I used to play it a few years back. Lived in a house with 3 other dudes who all played it so we had a LAN at home with 4 people having their own PCs using it (at same time). We used to be 'cheaters' by playing on same server and whoever was dead would be 'ghosting'. Which means you can scan around the game and follow other people (usually the enemy players) so they can tell the people still alive where to look/aim at etc. Strange how the teams we played on usually won :wink:

    That was about early 2002 days. Haven't played much but I logged into steam with the new PC, got new updates for Counter Strike Source and played it just to see the frame rate/settings I could get with the new PC. With the way I am now, I can kind of play games, I'd say about 80% as I used to be but I get fatigued quite easily so I can't play for ages in the one sitting due to the pain I get. But if you don't mind playing games where I'll play up to like 20-30 minutes (MAAAAAAAAAAYBE more) before needing to get up, exercise and get ready to play again, usually a 5-10 minute break at most, I'll be in :grin:

    It's funny, I bought a PC that has a CPU faster than any "stock" CPU of it's kind out because of my overclocking it (well it was faster than anything out the month or two I got it ago, but I don't know if that's changed, no care! It's damn quick enough for me, I'm not running john the ripper or other cracking utils these days :wink: ) so I don't need ULTRA ULTRA speed like I used to want back then. If only I had the power back then in 90-94 days when I was a naughty boy. It would have made life easier and me even more naughty so luckily I didn't have it :LOL:

    So, put a date/game/type (CS 1.6 or source I think is main ones??)/etc and see who joins. As the old saying goes, "Build a bridge and they will come". I'm sorry that I'm only available nearly most days of the week, most of the time depending what I'm doing :wink: Also the randomness of how severe my pain is also plays a part, it dictates how SLOOOOOOOOOW I am by intake of opiates to combat it, heh.
  6. I used to be a counter-strike obsessed person. still play it, but IMHO 1.5 was the best. Bunny-hopping (CS Jargon) and all the cool old maps.

    CS in not so popular at Lan cafes anymore, cause everyone has source.
  7. Im in ur thred

    H@xxoring ur w@r3z
  8. wow,
    i thought i was a nerd 4 playing this game... phew...
    i've been sober for about a year now, haven't been in a cafe in ages.
    really, don't get me started again :p
    yea CS was soooo 2003 :grin:
    cant wait 4 UT3. well i'm not buying it, my friend is, so i'll watch him play it for hours on end.
  9. ur bike is feeling unloved.
    bah serously dota is better
  10. I jumped on and had a blast last night. I like the gun game mods, and reverse gun game DM ones. Woo!
  11. Counterstike , man i havent played that since about 2003! , i still remember me and a bunch of mates used to ditch sport at school and hit the nearest internet cafe for a few hours every tuesday , ahh those were the days!!!

    I got annoyed though with the lack of any real team cohesion or 'reality' the game offered , i ended up getting into Americas Army and i havent looked back at CS since , but then again i havent played AA since last year either , i think ive been neglecting it a little :p

    but for sure , we should get a bunch of netriders together for a game , we can have a state vs state thing going if we can find enough members from NSW/VIC ect to play ;)
  12. counter strike is so old school. was good when it first came out but i dont even look twice at it now!
  13. Xfire : whyatt
    CSS: emerald_knight

    I play WOW, Warcraft 3 and and of the HL mods. When I get time.
  14. Xfire : whyatt
    CSS: emerald_knight

    I play WOW, Warcraft 3 and and of the HL mods. When I get time.
  15. lol @ nerd.

    get a new game.

    Battlefield 2142


  16. ...just wondering if you have a bike, or ride it for that matter.
    I had a friend who played WOW... those MMORPG are real life killers & time stealers, unless u play in moderation, which i hope u do. :wink:
    just curious how many lvl 60 (or 70 i think) characters u have...?
  17. Yup I play CS :]

    I also play... bf2...flight sim '04(airplane simulator)....mm and im getting a new game soon(well its old but new to me:p) called "IL - Sturnovik" 1940's Airplane Simulator

  18. lol @ nerd #2.

    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is almost here. Battlefield 2142 is sooooo last tuesday.
  19. #19 kyro_02, Apr 22, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    well this dude 'plays' word of war craft different than anyone else...

  20. Hell yea I ride.......I got a vn800 classic, do around 25,000 to 30,000 km a year (ride to work and weekend) and play games at night/early hours of the morning or at lans. As well as Clay target, pistol and long rifle shooting.

    I have lvl 70 Dwarven Priest, warr and lvl 60 rogue, hunter and a heap of bellow lvl 60 alts that I start to use as banks then us the rested xp to lvl them slowly.

    BF 2142 gets boreing after awhile...as do all games but its each to their own, just like bikes. I like kwaka's and friends like snoozzis and we pay out on them all but at the end of the day it comes to what you enjoy riding/playing/doing.