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counter steering

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ajawi, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. Hi folks, first thanks to everybody, I'm learning so much just reading others' Q & As. Had my Ls for about a month, just beginning to feel a little (just a little ) comfortable. My question- what is counter steering that lots of people talk about? Hopefully it's something I'm doing without knowing what it's called.

  2. hey Ajawi, ive been riding for about 3 months, we do it naturally, the more you think about it the harder it becomes - sort of - ...just dont try it in the car :LOL:
  3. Yep tis true, apparently you have to counter-steer a bike to get round the bends so we all do it.

    Racers on the other hand do it deliberately to drop into turns quicker, some do it with such force that they bend their clip-ons!

    I'd just crash if I tried doing that :)
  4. Your probably doing it, but it will depend upon how much and what type of riding you've done in the month.

    You've got the handlebars in front of you, and they pivot left and right. Looking at it you thing that pulling towards you with the right hand will face the tyre to the right and your bike will go to the right (and vice-versa for the left). This thinking would be correct!

    Now, if I told you, that by pushing the left handle bar away from you, you would still go left - that's counter steering!

    It works by angle, and roll of your tyres. When pushing the left handlebar away from you a small distance, the bike will tilt to the left side and roll onto the left angle edge of your tyres. As the steering has only been moved slightly, the lean angle of bike and tyre will counteract/overrule the small directional angle of the wheel and the bike will move/drift to the left hand side.

    Think of it as a fluid motion, and mastery of it will make your twisties cornering improve. A little jab away from you with the left hand as you enter the left corner, the bike rolls left, you roll with it and then use your weight and knees to roll it even further down and into the corner.

    What's the difference between counter steering and 'normal' steering? With normal steering you have to pull the bike down and into the corner. With counter steering, you instruct the bike to start the lean into the corner for you and then control how much lean you and the bike make.
  5. I haven't got my L's yet and hopefully I will at the end of the month so I havent ridden yet but "IM SO CONFUSED!!!!"

    Does this mean what I think it means and if I make the tyres point towards the right I will turn veer towards the left?????
  6. With speed higher than approximately running speed, you steer a bike primarily by lean. Using the counter steer method, you are "kicking-off" than lean to the direction you want the bike to go. You are only making the front tyre point to the right by about 2 or 3 degrees off centre, but it's the lean factor that you want and which cause the bike to steer (at speeds higher than approx. running speed)
  7. Yes. Exactly. It does not really matter if you dont understand why it happens, just know that it works.

  8. are you serious????? ive found counter-steering a lot harder at high speed, but not THAT hard!
  9. Our licence instructor showed us a great way of what countersteering is. You try it with a push bike. Hold the bike upright.

    Push the left hand side handlebar to the right, so the wheel faces to the right. Now let go slightly, and notice which way the bike "falls". Falls towards the left doesn't it? That's countersteering.
  10. Hi Ajawi and welcome!
  11. Welcome to the forum Ajawi!
  12. i'm sure if you were trying to tip quickly into a corner at 150kph+ you might find it a bit harder :wink: steering dampers and natural forces would make it pretty damn hard to countersteer. the stress those guys place on the bikes and bodies is just amazing, hence why also the smallest stuff up can send them flying. they walk a fuggen thin wire those guys.....
  13. hi all I rode bikes for ages normaly. With out counter steering, till i got shown how to do it up at the snowy mountians tried it out on my first left hand corner yeeeeek crashed into the right hand bank now i stick to steering into the corner Im going into. might be lot slower going into the corner least I know Im not going to drop my bike cost to much now days
  14. Ok so im not a proffesional and i don't pretend to know sh1t. But to understand countersteering (after also being entirely confused) heres what i did
    1) PUSH on left handle and see what the bike does
    2) PULL on the left handle and see what the bike does

    Repeat for RIGHT bar. Gave me a bit more of a clue, try it at a "nice" speed first with a bit of road if you're a newby

    AND to all the "PRO's" out there fell free to call me an Unkowlegable, life-threateningly stupid, moronic idiot. But i'd prefer a hug 8-[
  15. Oh, I can feel the PLUR O:)
  16. i always thought countersteering was what happens when you slide the bike and turn the front wheel to let it catch up to the back...

    ohhh well... my method works in the mud, thats all that counts ;)

    down with bitumen :LOL:

  17. No that is Over steering.
  18. ohhh righteo

  19. Counter steering starts to work if you're going 20km/hish+. But I wouldn't start off at those speeds cause you might drop it. Go 40 or 50 and muck around with it, the harder you push the more your bike leans, the lighter you push, the smaller lean and hence the wider the turn. You'll find it so much easier for turns, even for small ones.