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Countdown to the Superbikes

Discussion in 'VIC' started by brokey, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. Okay, so I have got a leave pass for the WSBK's..my first so I am hoping like hell that the weather holds or else I think I will have to plonk myself in front of the teevee at home or find somewhere that has it on if ten decides to air it 13 days after the event :evil:

    If anyone like me is holding out on the weather, I have collected a few sites that give (not very accurate) 7 day forecasts....well, for Melbourne anyway :roll:

    weather.com 10 day

    Will be waiting till Wednesday to make the decision as to whether the trip will be on or not....

    cheers :p
  2. I'll be there rain, hail or shine.. making the trip down Thurs and at the track all 3 days... bikes, racing.. hmmm :D :D :D
  3. I'll hopefully be going down for the Sunday - anybody in for a day trip from Melbourne? I ain't real fast.
  4. I'm loading up the baby "Z" and heading down Friday night around 5'ish, have done everything but offer sexual favours and still can't get out of work Friday.
  5. Loz, I'll be going to SBKs on Sunday. I'll be tootling down early in the morning, probably leave Narre Warren about 5:30am - 6:00. Will beetle down at about 80/90kmph, so arrive at San Remo at about 7:30am to see if I can get a heartstarter and some breakfast somewhere (might be difficult with the number of people down at PI the weekend). Will then go to track.
  6. Are tickets available at the gate?
    Not been before.
  7. nodz, I am also planning on heading down on the Sunday and I like your speed, you are also real close to me. I could also be meeting a mate at Tooradin on the way.

    Also do you go to the coffee nights?
  8. Jafu Tickets are available from some gates not all.

    They are always available from the main gate near the turn onto the top of the main straight.

    They are also always available from the gate in the middle of the fence next to the major car parking areas about 3/5 of the way down the main straight just before you get to the entry to the track camping area.

    They are sometimes available from the gate near Lukey Heights near the secondary car parking area.

    In case you didn't know you can ride your bike into the super bikes (unlike the GP) and ride it (gently please!) around the access road that loops the track.

    This makes it easy to get from viewing point to viewing point and check out the various locations.

    Popular choices -:

    Near turn 1 at the end of the main straight (easy to get to, plenty of room but not as interesting).

    Around Southern Loop, good spot lots of dicing, but can't see a lot of the track, but can see the bits you can't see from Lukey heights.

    Siberia & Siberia south, good spot lots of dicing can see more of the track than Southern loop.

    Lukey Heights, good spot lots of dicing, can't see lots of the track but can see the bits of the track you can't see from southern loop.

    Top of main straight. Worst position of the lot, but can see the presentation and the start and the finish.
  9. I have always gotten tickets at the gate. We are heading down at 5pm Friday from HQ :D
  10. Loz,

    If you are heading down on Sunday, I'm interested in coming along.

    I'm in Brunswick West.....
  11. I will more than likely be going and prob have a few riders with me. To me the Supers are better than the GP. Is more what I would call REAL RACING and the people that go are more so dedicated riders. The GP is more fan fare and trendy. Just my opinion. If you are after merchandise say from the last GP many of the shops in town sell left overs cheap.

    Will see how the weather looks and decide closer. I am coming from Hampton Park and going thru Cranny if anyone is interested.

    P.S. Flipper you can also try (for weather sites and cant remember if you had them already)



  12. Thanx for the info guys, see you there I hope :)
  13. Hey Brokey! CBR1000s go in all weather. Don't be a wuss (woose?). I'm heading over to the Island on Wednesday to take a heap of stuff over to the house where I'm staying, then back over on Thursday on the bike til Monday.

    Am looking forward to this one. I missed the AGP weekend because I had to work.

    I got a BAR SBK ticket. So, if any of you also got one of these, there are 3 marquees that I'll be frequenting over the weekend...

    We usually catch the bus to the track. That way we can have a beer. And I like to walk around it, anyway. You see more that way.
  14. Yeah I know as I ride it rain hail or shine...but..If I go I will be tenting it at Cowes and dont want to sit in the rain, wind and freezing cold if I can avoid it...If the weather is like that I will either ride down for sunday only or watch it on the box....
  15. Gawd, you youngun's never had it so good. When I wuz a lud, we used to DREAM of living in a tent.
  16. OK guys -

    5.30am Sunday from Narre Warren sounds bloody painful but I'll do it if we have to. Do you genuinely need to get down that early to have a good day?

    Untame_me, Brunny's close to mine, I'm in North Melb. Let's do it. Are you planning to go down as eearly as the others? We'd have to be up by, aw, 4.45am...?!?

    Lemme know